Lieutenant Adalind Nyyfs


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Lieutenant Adalind Nyyfs

Name Adalind Nyyfs

Position Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human x Betazoid hybrid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 152cm (5’0”)
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Royal Blue
Physical Description Shoulder length wavy strawberry blond hair, silky smooth sun-kissed skin and royal blue eyes, yet, her smile easily makes her approachable, but don’t let that her looks fool you. Tailored uniforms to always to accentuate her natural curves.


Spouse Symic (Imzadi, never married)
Father Asher Mir (Human)
Mother T’sos Nyffs (Betazoid)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adalind is highly intelligent, is always poised and graceful even when torn between two personalities. Personalities that battle each other constantly, on one hand she can be seductive, manipulative and uncaring, now this is where the battle happens as she is also one to do anything for those she loves, now this doesn’t necessarily mean who she serves with. Adalind can also be arrogant, and this has caused some friction between her and the crew.

Personal History While at the Academy, Adalind struggled with her two inner demons, professors especially in sciences and command saw her as a prodigy, which Adalind took full advantage of, but this put her at odds with the rest of the cadets.

Now, she wasn’t at odds with all of the cadets, unfortunately the ones she wasn’t at odds with, well she started to realize that she could use her beauty to get them to do somethings for her, but she also decided to see how far she could push this. Ada enjoyed that part, enjoyed seeing how far she could push someone, also enjoying it when they weren’t even realizing that they were being manipulated.

As this continued, the Academy started to be more enjoyable, will truth be told her life was much more enjoyable as she learned this new power, but she also learned quickly when and who to use it on. The remaining years at the Academy flew by, and she graduated quite high in her class, which all but allowed her to pick her posting.

She was assigned the USS Herydahl, a Saber-class patrol ship, mostly patrolling the DMZ and giving some needed support, half way through her first tour she was quickly promoted to a full communications officer, for beta shift, for the most part it was quiet most of the communications were with the other Starfleet vessels that were also patrolling the large area, as well as dealing with small incursions by the Cardassians which luckily were all dealt with peacefully.

As she continued to show her powerless with everything communications, especially when it came to logging communiques getting it to be much more faster and efficient system. She also spent some time working on making the delay faster between ships connecting to the subspace network.

With all of this plus a few other things, she was quickly transferred to the USS Melbourne, a Nebula-class which was retrofitted to be a transport, again working along the DMZ mostly delivering supplies to the colonies, but also deploying and making sure the subspace relay network out there was staying maintained and updated.

But, unfortunately this was where Adalind started to get into trouble, when she was transferred she was also promoted to chief communications officer with officers and enlisted beneath her. So, as she slowly worked on her little games, in essence abuse of her powers as a chief, at least in her eyes it wasn’t anything serious, but it did hurt people in the long run.

Which initiated a transfer, demotion from chief back to just a communication officer, and lots and lots of counseling which she could get on the Space Station Cyrga.
Service Record Starfleet Academy focus in communications
Served aboard the USS Herydahl a Saber-class patrol vessel, as a communications specialist
While serving on the Herydahl she was promoted to communications officer
After her second tour on the Herydahl she was transferred to the USS Melbourne a Nebula-class, which was retrofitted to be a transport, Ada was also promoted to chief communications officer
But, it wasn’t long before she got into trouble, which meant a transfer and demotion back down to communications officer on the Space Station Cyrga