Name Description
Space Station Cyrga Origins of Cyrga are unknown as are its age. What data we have shows it's one of the oldest 'things' encountered by any known species. We only know about Cyrga from what she chooses to disclose. We know the class because we found a file with limited information identifying it as such.
The station once operated with some type of stardrive but that's no longer operable and the station became stranded in the Delta Quadrant eons ago - at least 1000 years.

The station is sentient and alive

The station adapts to whatever species is aboard it, though it has several different environments on it.

The station has a massive power core, totally alien in nature and it is only with the help of the Pruiians, the station's hereditary guardians, that Starfleet is able to maintain it.

The station is regenerative and has reactive shielding(shields go up when it is shot). Weapons systems are operable to a point. The station ultimately controls more than SF knows how to use.

Starfleet has set up orbital weapons platforms around the station as well as phaser banks and torp launchers on the surface of the station.

The station has docking bays for 10 starships

Starfleet and Cyrga have a symbiotic relationship.

New elements can be added only with the station's consent and in some measure become part of it's sentient lifeform

The station is timeless. Noone knows it's age and age is meaningless to the sentience that is Cyrga.