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Wrapping Up and Running out of Tea

Posted on 05/19/2020 @ 3:23am by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

The last few weeks had been hectic to say the least. Waking up, for lack of a better word, and being very much in your own Rip Van Winkle story was enough to leave anyone puzzled. Cerywyn knew better than to fathom the depths of what had transpired. Some things are better left unexplored. She’d learned that lesson many years from a man surer of himself than any humanoid species had the right to be. Ambassador Kaylin, annoyingly arrogant, had wrangled her into the role of negotiator, with Korin in his brig to ensure she did what he asked of her and to forestall her protest. It didn’t hurt any that he’d also surrounded the planet Honegah and sealed it off – nothing in or out of the system. In his own way, he was trying to prevent a war before it started. Had it really been 19 years since that fateful moment. She shook her head to shake away the thoughts, but his words came back to her none the less.

“Cerywyn... time is a delicate thing. It exists in a state of balance... and altering that balance *will* have effects on everything that unfolds beyond the point of alteration."

She closed her eyes and counted to ten. Center and ground. When she opened her eyes, her steely resolve had returned. Past was past. There were events that had happened just as there would be events that would happen in the future, but all they had right now, was the here and now.

She looked up as the doors slid open and Lt. Grace, the Admiral’s yeoman, stepped through them. “I have the worst hangover ever” said the young woman “at least that what this all feels like. I keep wondering if at any moment I’m going to wake up and find this has been a dream...or a nightmare.”

Cerywyn nodded. “I know what you mean.” She smiled as Grace settled the tea tray in between them after pouring herself and Admiral Cerywyn a cup. Cerywyn continued “however, you shouldn’t fight it. If you accept at face value that this is real, it becomes easier with each passing day. The rhythm of normalcy returns.” She chuckled. “It’s also quite ironic. Here we all were, ready to be the martyrs for a cause, and the universe rejected our plan.”

Grace raised an eyebrow at the Admiral and then burst out laughing. “Fair enough, Admiral. That does put a different spin on things.”

Cerywyn inclined her head. “Good. We have work to do. Have you collected the information I was seeking?”

Grace nodded. “I have. It’s interesting because I have fleeting memories of something else, but according to the records, when we initiated our countermeasures to the OMEGA on SD 241804.21, our ships disappeared from the area around Versailles. Everyone assumed we’d been destroyed. OMEGA disappeared as well, and all accounts are that they were either destroyed or so badly damaged as to no longer be a threat. Beyond that, there are sketchy details of all of us with various duty assignments that lead back to Cyrga.”

Cerywyn nodded. “Well, that’s something. At least we haven’t been ‘missing’ all this time.” Grace nodded. “No, according to records we’ve all been where ever we were supposed to be.”

Cerywyn chuckled. “Well, Cyrga is a far cry from the moors...but I guess it’ll do in a pinch.” Then she grew serious. “So, what’s happened to the Delta Quadrant to get us here?” she asked.

Grace handed her a PADD. “See for yourself, Admiral.”

Cerywyn read through a flurry of posts between 241804.21 and 242003.05 her frown deepening as she read. “These are the worst written reports I’ve ever seen” she said as she looked up. “There are holes in these reports a mile wide and very few specifics.”
Grace nodded. “When Theta Fleet was assigned elsewhere and you took up command of the YaDalla Sector, various able-bodied officers were assigned here – most never seeing Cyrga as anything other than a space station.”

Cerywyn nodded. “As it should be, go on.”

Grace continued. “When tensions flared up in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, forces were recalled from the Delta and Gamma quadrants, but mostly from the Delta Quadrant. Of all the areas of space the Federation has explored, the Delta Quadrant has remained vastly unexplored. Starfleet has struggled to maintain 300 ships over the entire quadrant – approximately 100 are within range of Cyrga proper – the others are spread out, give or take, to the area. The fleet didn’t have any to spare to replace what was pulled from here.”

“Well, that’s rather. . . light, to say the least”, murmured Cerywyn. “There used to be close to a full fleet in the Delta Quadrant.” Cerywyn shook her head as she scanned the figures doing rough calculations based on the data J’Radk had reported to Korin. She looked up from the PADD. “So, if we combine what ‘arrived’ when we did, we should in theory have about 850 ships, which includes frigates, transport vessels, runabouts, science vessels, medical ships and fighters both IXL and SF designated?”

Grace nodded. “There’s just one problem Admiral.”

Cerywyn smirked, “Just one?”

Grace grimaced. “Ok, perhaps more than one,” her voice trailed off, “but more immediate in nature perhaps.”

“Well?” asked Cerywyn. “Spit it out.”

Grace, straight faced, looks at the Admiral and replied, “We’re out of tea.”


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