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When Family calls ..

Posted on 06/30/2020 @ 8:30pm by Captain Hailey Konuha

=/\= Capt Konuha's Office - Lobby =/\=

Lt Ibarra breath caught in her throat when she read the comm traffic to Capt Konuha. It was customary to preview all of the comms in order to prioritize messages from critical to "trash it". This one was going to rattle her to her core. Her hand trembled when she reached for her comm badge.

"Ibarra to Konuha - you have a priority one flash from Earth", her voice trembled as she spoke.

Hailey Konuha was in her quarters trying to relax and enjoy some well earned downtime. Her hair was pulled back and she was in sweat pants and a worn t-shirt with an old 20th Century musical group called "Boston" logo on the front. Hailey could hear the trepidation in Maria's voice. She stopped and perked up at the relayed message.

"Maria, are you OK? You sound strange", she inquired. Lt Ibarra took a gulp of spit to try and soothe the lump that sprouted in her throat. "Honestly, no ma'am", she stated flatly. ".. and you won't be either. I'll be there in a second." and then quickly cut communications and made a dash for Hailey's quarters (which were thankfully close to her office).

Hailey was more than worried at this point. Lt Ibarra wasn't one for theatrics. She quick made her way to her desk and open the touch panel. "Computer, play incoming priority one message. Authorization Konuha-Omega-620-Psi" The computer flashed a brief moment. "Authorization granted - message playing"

The viewscreen faded to black for a second and then the image of Hailey's father appeared. He was worn, ragged - a shadow of the man Hailey loved and remembered. Jeremey and his wife Ilene were long time R&D scientists. Their latest posting had garnered them a plush posting at the Daystrom Institute on Earth. But the man on the view screen was anything but the vibrant 96 yr old that Hailey talked to just 3 months ago.

"Hailey, my darling", he started through quiet sobs. ".. it's your mother. I-- I don't know .. I don't" and the sobs continued. "I don't know how to tell you this. She died this morning from Vortus Fever. It came on 2 days ago and progress rapidly." He wiped his tears and composed himself a little. "She wasn't in pain as he fell into a coma with 4 hours of showing symptoms. She never woke up again. Oh, Hailey how I wish you were here. The funeral will be in 3 days. I pray you can come - I don't even know where you are! Your Mother loved you, you know. Never forget that." With that the message faded from the screen.

Hailey's legs felt like a Klingon just kicked them out from underneath her. Her chest suddenly hurt and the room began to spin. "Mom?", she uttered out loud. Lt Ibarra entered the room suddenly and quickly made her way to Konuha. She put her arms around here and helped her to the couch. "Hailey.. Hailey look at me ... are you OK?" she said as she gently but firmly held Hailey's face in her hands and tried to lock gazes.

Hailey's eyes welled with tears. "Maria? My .. My Mom! My Mom!", she said in strained speech. 'OH MY GOD! MOM!!!!!", she screamed and then collapsed into Lt Ibarra's arms. She sobbed uncontrollably for monutes. Suddenly, she sat upright. "I have to go, I have to get home I have to go!!!"

"Calm down, Capt!", Ibarra tried to soothe. "We'll take care of it. Calm down!" "Computer - send Adm Cerywyn a priority message to come to Capt Konuha's quarters immediately!" "Message sent", the computer chimed back in a calm manner.

Hailey continued to thrash around her quarters trying to pack some items in a bag in order to leave.

{{Calm, my dear}} came the disembodied voice in her mind. {{Calm}} Hailey stopped and closed her eyes to reach out with her mind but her thoughts were nothing but a jumble of images and words. {{Calm}} came the voice once more and Hailey slumped to the floor.


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