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A Good Night's Sleep

Posted on 07/21/2020 @ 1:08am by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Cerywyn reached her quarters without incident. She was half tempted to ask Engineering for a segway. Cyrga was rather large when one was walking from point A to point B. It was also possible that she was just plain tired. "Computer dim lights 30%". The computer chirped in acknowledgment as she walked over to her dressing table. She unpinned her hair and let the dark mass spill free. She fingered the hair clip before she placed it aside. A quick glance in the mirror showed some dark circles, pale skin and fatigue. As she stood there, she thought to herself "when's the last time I slept...." She smirked and thought to herself {{if you have to ask....}} She shook her head. What she really wanted was a long hot bath and a good soak. The benefit to being her, the clawfoot tub in hers and Korin's quarters. He'd sent her a fleeting touch earlier before things had gone sideways with Captain Konuha and she had seen the waiting message from him on the computer console when she'd entered. He was at least getting better at leaving a message rather than running off here and there without word. Generally speaking, she had too. She ran the hot water to fill the tub and sprinkled the lavendar bath salts liberally in the water, unfastening various buckles and snaps and zippers to let her tunic and leggings fall to the floor. The room filled with the heady scent of lavendar and heather. She closed her ehes and inhaled slowly. Yes, she was definitely tired. She dipped her hand in to test the water. Hot but not exactly scalding. Just the way she liked it. She stepped into the water and sank down as the tendrils of steam curled upwards.



Time and distance had never been a barrier between her communication with Korin although she found it sweet that he was still startled when she reached that far {{I saw your note. Keep me posted?}}.

There was a slightly exasperated note that preceded his acknowledement.

{{Any idea what you're heading into?}}

{{No. And the messenger isn't giving me anything to work with.}}


{{Well if you must be knowing, it was me}} came the self satisfied response.

{{Cat got your tongue lass, or did I manage to surprise you?}}

If she could have sputtered she would have {{Well,.....}}

{{Then it was a bit overdue wasn't it. Now, if ye don't mind, the lad and I have some work to do and we can do it without you or have your wits gone soft}}.

She had any number of barbed retorts but she kept them to herself sending a fleeting impression of her love for Korin along the open link between them.

Feldengast.....what was he doing here. . . of all the beings anywhere, why him? She was seriously beginning to think the universe had a warped sense of humor. He was never quite what he seemed and he was more of a busy body than she was. But, at the same time, if he were involved there was a good reason and that alone left a feeling of disquiet in her stomach. Such disquiet reminded her of all the reasons she'd avoided any emotonal entanglements - liasons here and there across four centuries yes, but deep attachments - no, not until Korin. Again, the universe had proven it had a sense of humor because it went out of its way to bring them together almost as much as it had tried to keep them apart. By the time she'd calmed down, the water had cooled to a tepid feel and her skin had wrinkled up. Her fingers were water logged like little raisins and she stepped out of the tub, pulled the stopper and wrapped herself in a thick soft bathrobe. Her hair was damp against her back from where it had gotten wet when she was in the tub. She padded across the room, sat down in front of the mirror and towelling off her hair before she picked up the silver brush and began to brush out the tangles. By the time she'd finished braiding it into a thick rope, she'd steeped a mug of chammomile tea. The tea finished what the water had started and the muscles along the nape of her neck relaxed their taut knots and before she knew it, she was yawning frequently and the words on the PADD she'd grabbed to review were fading out of focus. Eventually she gave up and lay the PADD aside. "Computer, lights off" she mumbled, rolling onto her side and letting somnabulence take her.


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