SD 242003.15 Fleet Admiral Cerywyn, Course Interupted

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Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Delta Quadrant

Cerywyn’s eyes fluttered open. She tried to move but was met with a wave of nausea so intense as to make her squint her eyes shut. It took a moment to register that what she was feeling was pain. Pain meant life. She dared to open her eyes. She wasn’t quite sure if she was horizontal or vertical. Was she on the floor or stuck to the wall? She wasn’t sure she really cared. Gingerly she moved her arms, first one then the other. Fingers flexed. Once her eyes were open and she could give a cursory glance about, she could see the others in much the same shape as she herself. She pushed herself upright and fought the wave of dizziness and nausea that threatened to make her pass out again. The last thing she remembered was activating the time drive on the Concordia in an effort to cancel out the effects of the chroniton torpedo that had been detonated by OMEGA – there was a veil of blankness – nothingness. She shook her head and then wished she’d not done that. She noted the others. Her voice was barely a whisper as she asked for a status report.

“Alive” remarked Korin dryly, but that was all she heard as a veil of silence fell around her once more.

{{Sleep now...there will be time enough for answers later}}

Her eyes fluttered open again but without the waves of nausea from earlier. This time she knew clearly that she was lying on a bed. The cool touch of sheets against her skin, the softness of a pillow and the clear smell that could only be a medical bay. She turned her head left and right gaining reassurance when the world didn’t feel as if it had opened up beneath her. There was a sense of familiarity that she knew she should recognize but her thoughts were still fuzzy and jumbled. As she struggled to sit up, she noted the alarm that sounded. A moment later the doors directly across from the bed she lay in opened. “Please, Admiral, don’t do that.”

She leaned back, the panic easing as the soothing voice continued. “You’re quite safe – as are the others.” There was a slight ‘tsk, tsk’ sound as the nurse continued. “You never do anything half way do you? Do you know how much work it has taken to put things to right?” A moment later Cerywyn could feel the bio bed’s shield protocol dissipate and a hand extended to hers. “Well, let’s see if you can sit up without falling over, shall well?” If she’d not felt like a weakling kitten, she’d have found the nurses’ remarks to be somewhat funny. As it was, she surmised that she must have tried this before only to have fallen over. Such indignity was not in her character. She took the proffered hand somewhat gingerly. “I assure you Admiral, I’m quite real.” She slid forward until her feet touched the floor. She was unsteady to say the least, but the solidity of the floor was comforting much the same way the nurse’s hand had been. “There now, that’s a start” replied the nurse. “Let’s see if you can make it to the chair over there.” Cerywyn looked up in the direction the nurse had indicated. The distance seemed so far. She swallowed hard and slowly, gingerly began to put one foot in front of the other. By the time the nurse parked the Admiral’s bottom in the chair, her forehead was soaked with sweat and her breathing was a bit labored. The nurse, however, looked triumphant. “I knew you could do it, Admiral.” She walked away and returned a moment later with tray containing a teapot and a delicate china teacup. “I’m told this is your favorite” she replied as she began pouring the hot water over the tealeaves. A moment later the heady aromatics of the tea floated up to her nostrils and she inhaled deeply before sputtering a cough. The nurse held out the cup which Cerywyn took in between trembling hands. The cup and saucer clattered together lightly as Cerywyn positioned them in such a way as to grasp the handle and lift the steaming cup to her lips. She hadn’t realized how parched she was until the liquid met her lips. She closed her eyes, savoring the moment under the nurse’s watchful gaze.

Time had no meaning in this place. That’s what Cerywyn soon figured out. She had many moments like the first – cups of tea under the watchful gaze of the nurse. Eventually, the others joined her. They all spoke in hushed whispers unsure as to whether they were prisoners or patients or some strange combination of both. The doors only opened to the nurse’s voice print. Cerywyn had tried on several occasions to no avail.

Days passed in the same monotonous fashion and the small gathering of people met each day in what was clearly a ‘common’ room they all shared. Cerywyn sat quietly sipping a cup of tea as she listened to Korin mutter curses in Klingon. He was agitated to say the least. There was, she had noticed, something familiar about all of this, something she should recognize but couldn’t quite place. As she’d recovered over the last few days, the feeling had grown stronger. She finished her tea and placed the delicate cup on the table. She looked at Korin. “Don’t you feel it?”

He frowned slightly and replied “it?”

She stood and moved around the room each officer leaning down as she whispered a question to each of them. Based on the answer she moved everyone into small little groups. She stood in the middle with her hands on her hips and motioned to Korin. “I asked them all the same question I asked you. ‘Do you feel it?’ Those with a solid yes are there” she said pointing. “Those with a solid ‘No’ are on the other side.” She sighed. “The ‘No’s’ have no psi-gift of any kind, latent or otherwise. The ‘Yes’ group, has either active psi-gift in varying degrees including latent psi-gift that is not active but present.” She smirked “Beldin, it seems, is not happy with the news.”

She turned to look at Korin. “I think I know where we are, and I think I know the key to getting us out. It’s a riddle that we were meant to solve, or perhaps, a riddle I was meant to solve.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked, concern etched around his eyes.

“You’ll see. Oh....and don’t come blundering in.”

He sputtered. “I don’t blunder” he snapped. She chuckled, the first real laugh he’d heard from her in days. The concern faded from his face but she could tell he didn’t quite trust her when she said it was nothing to worry about.

She walked to the center of the room, closed her eyes and pushed gently outward. Finding no resistance, she probed deeper. It was not long before she felt a {{? ? ?}} response in return and then the feeling was gone – but not the presence – just blocked. She opened her eyes just as the doors to the common room slid open and in walked a familiar face. Cerywyn inclined her head slightly to the small, wrinkled visage she had come to know as Rubrick, one of the guardians of the sentient station, Cyrga.

{{It took your long enough, Emissary}} he replied. From the shocked looks on the faces of the others, she could tell that they had heard him. She nodded. “Please, use your voice. I wouldn’t want to offend our host, but not everyone here is prepared for the way you communicate, aged one.” Rubrick nodded. “My apologies” he said to the gathered group. Korin looked at Cerywyn. “How....” he shook his head. “Are we where I think we are?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it” she said both to Rubrick and to Korin. She then looked at the others to explain. “I’m not sure how, but we’re on Space Station Cyrga, in the Delta Quadrant.” Turning back to Rubrick, she pointed to the chair and motioned the others to gather round. “I think you owe us a bit of an explanation and a status report.” she said as she took her own seat, Korin standing behind her.

Rubrick sat and hid his hands inside the bell like sleeves of his robe. Cerywyn poured herself another cup of tea and leaned back in her chair as the others settled around. Rubrick waited until they were all comfortable. “It’s simple, Emissary. Cyrga is ever watchful of those she accepts and for disruptions in time. If you think about it, that’s what brought the two of you together the first time...” He said, his eyes bright as he continued, and he held up his hand to forestall her question. “The novel solution you’d planned to disrupt the chroniton bomb that was detonated, worked. However, there is a minute window that happens around the crux of such events. It was in such an instant that Cyrga interrupted the path it would have otherwise taken and brought you here. Beyond that, not even we, the guardians, understand exactly what she did. Apparently, she thought the present was better with you all in it, than you did.”

Cerywyn leaned back in her chair and frowned. “And the Beta Quadrant, SB Versailles....”

“There were some spatial distortions on a major scale, but they appear to be in the early stages of stabilization. The station is intact. Fleet traffic confirms life signs there, but as you are not there, beyond that we do not know.”

She nodded. “Well, that’s better than I’d hoped, I suppose.” She looked at the small group. “First, Cyrga is not an ‘it’ – the station is sentient, a living life force. Rubrick, and the few others like him that remain on station are her guardians. You’ll likely not see them for they’re a very insular group. Rubrick is their chosen intermediary.” She turned and looked back at Rubrick. “There is something different about her – there is a sameness but also...not.”

Rubrick nodded. “Much has changed. It would be easier to show you.” He stood. “We’ve prepared suitable quarters for you all. He looked at the tall man who stood behind Cerywyn. Rubrick shrank back just a bit and swallowed at the glaring look on Korin’s face. “Your ships are all docked in the stations bays. We placed them in the internal bays to avoid their detection and to complete repairs.” He slid the PADDS out of his robe and handed one to Korin and one to J’Radk.

The two men took the devices and began to scan through the data. There was a slight “Umph” from behind her and Cerywyn looked over her shoulder and noted his scowl has lessened. J’Radk, who had until now remained quiet replied “everything looks to be in order. We won’t know until we check them out ourselves.”

Rubrick nodded, “There is a route mapped on the PADD that will show you how to get to the hanger bays.” J’Radk looked over at Beldin and the others “Why don’t you come with me.” Korin inclined his head as J’Radk made his way out the door with the rest of the crew. “I’ll be along in a bit” he stated. Cerywyn and Korin and Rubric waited until the small group had disappeared down the corridor. Cerywyn looked at Korin. “Don’t try to figure out exactly where we are. The guardians like to move the doors around in this part of the station’s belly, so to speak.” Rubrick chuckled “It is an amusement of a sort” he said as he led them along the corridors dimly lit path. Korin leaned forward and whispered “We’re going up...” She nodded and replied, “I know.” He narrowed his eyes and she continued. “If I recall, he’s taking us to my quarters and office. There’s an excellent stellar cartography map that I think we’re going to need.”

They were quiet as they walked and about fifteen minutes later, they emerged until the platform that was clearly one of the public promenades. Where moments before there had been silent and shadows there was now teeming life. It was a bit disorienting and Korin reached out to steady Cerywyn’s balance. For Cerywyn there was a sudden shocking feeling of familiarity and strangeness. The station was as it ever was but was also clearly more. “I see you’ve grown a bit...” she said, letting her voice trail off as they walked. The trio walked down the busy promenade toward the turbo lift. “Admiral’s platform, authorization Zed 1 Alpha 9” Rubrick stated. The doors closed and the lift sped on its way.

When the lift stopped, Rubrick stepped to the side. “The doors will only open to your voiceprint and eye imprint, Emissary.” Korin looked at her “You’re going to have to explain the...who Emissary thing at some point you know.” She sighed. “Yes, but not right now.” She stepped up and closed her eyes. She had lots of command codes. Which one had she used to seal the .... she frowned. Korin burst out laughing “You can’t remember, can you?” She opened her eyes and glared at him. “Don’t even. . .” She frowned in concentration and then smiled. “Ahhh, Authorization Xi Iota 2 Delta” she replied, leaning down for the computer to scan her eye imprint as well. The doors slid open. She’d half expected a musty closed up smell but there wasn’t one. She stepped out of the lift and walked to the right. The doors opened as she neared and the room on the other side flared to life. She walked to the massive desk off to the side and tapped the controls. “It would seem someone was prepared for me to be here. All of my access controls are operable” she looked at Korin. “Alright, Rubrick – what’s going on here.”