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Enemy at the Gates

Posted on 06/30/2020 @ 11:29pm by Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
Timeline: Flashback

Senn'Jos looked out the view point from the old out modded freighter, which was run by a sleezy Ferengi. as it sat in orbit of Earth. She had to chuckle as the Fenergi on the crew was terrified of her. Of course they didn't know that she was female under the Breen style suit she was wearing. She turned as she heard a Fenergi enter the room. "The transporter is repaired." He said before heading back towards the hatch. "Oh and you gear was already transported down to the Academy." He bolted when her vocabulator said something in what everyone thought was the Breen language, which always sounded male. She took one last look from the view point. She was told that the last time the Breen was at Earth was during the Dominion War. She headed to the transporter.

Once she beamed down to the Academy she was meet with a fully armed security detachment. "You are to come with us." The Human with the Lieutenant Commander pins at his neck said.

"Have I done something wrong?" She asked as she switched her vocabulator to Federation Standard and into a more feminine sounding voice.

"You are to come with use now!" The Lieutenant Commander said a little more forcefully. She simply nodded at the man and proceeded to follow him. She was a tad bit surprised that she was escorted off Academy grounds and taken to Starfleet Command Auxiliary building. She was escorted into an interrogation room.

She sat in this room for nearly 4 hours when an older Starfleet Officer walked in. He was wearing Captain pins at his neck. He sat down and placed a PaDD down in front of him. Then he leaned back him his chair staring at her.

"Sir, is there something I do wrong?" Senn'Jos asked the Captain as he sat there.

"Yes!" Was all he simply said.

Senn'Jos brought up her HUD that was connected to her on board computer. She had Starfleet Regulations pre-loaded. To her knowledge she hasn't violated any Starfleet regulation or Federation Law. "Then care to tell me what crime or crimes I'm being charged with?"

"At the moment, anything I want." He said.

Senn'Jos tilted her head slightly as she was recording her HUD information. "So let me get this straight. You take me from Academy ground, to sit me in a room, without due cause or reason, for hours on end?" He Officer only smirked at her. She stood from the chair. "Sir at this point, if there are no charges of any crime or wrong doing. I will take my leave, and I've missed my appointment check in at the Academy.

"You are a Been. That is enough for you to be held." The Officer stated flatly as he stood himself. "Now sit down and lets get some answers."

She folded her arms across the Breen uniform's breastplate. "The only information you are going to get from me, is nothing, but what I put in my application to join Starfleet. Which I will remind you was accepted."

"Why would a Breen wish to join a Government that your Government has attacked." The officer said picking up the PaDD before him.

She smirked behind the face mask, not like the Officer could see it. "Ah!" She stated through her vocabulator. "I see where this is going. Just because I'm a Breen, then I must be trying to destroy the Federation from within. That would be hard to do, when I come from a Federation Council approved colony. And we barely have the numbers to keep our gene pool varied." She stated. "The reason I want to join Starfleet, is because I want to see the Galaxy at large, and to prove to people like you, that the Breen are not all murderous slaving pirates. We live our lives, just like all other citizens of the Federation. I know that many Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and a host of many other hostile races have colony worlds with in the Federation. Do you pluck them off the Academy grounds when they arrive to do better themselves?" She asked the Officer flatly.

"Only if they are a constant threat to the Security of the Federation." The officer said staring her down.

"Okay, I see now." Senn'Jos said as she reached up and pressed a button on the face mask. With a loud hiss the muzzle of the mask pulled free. The set it on the table and pulled off the rest of the helm, and set that on the table. Her other face mask was still a one way mirror. The the mirrorness of her face plate vanished reveling her light purple skin and milky white eyes. "All you see is the Breen uniform and not the person under that uniform."

The Captain looked shocked at seeing her remove the helm of her uniform. "So you are not a Breen, but a sympathizer of their cause, which is worse."

Senn'Jos tilted her head slightly as she stepped over to the two way mirror. "Captain, I am Breen." She stated just as flatly. "At this time there is no reason to hold me. If are going to charge me with a crime, where is my legal consul." She stated as she turned toward the man. "If you are going to keep attempting to question me without consul, then you are in trouble."

"You know no one knows that you are here." The Captain said.

"Hmmm... So you wiped my transport long, bribed the Ferengi, and silenced my parents." She stated. "Check in was an hour after I arrived, and now I have been here for four hours and seventeen minutes.." Senn'Jos said. "At this point I should be sending a communication to my parents and letting them know I've checked in." She stated. "Also, you never once asked me if I need anything or even asked if I want a lawyer. So at this point you will fetch me a lawyer or you will escort me out of this place."

The Captain only chuckled and got up. "We will see." He said walking out of the room.

She sat back down and leaned back in the chair. Her face plant went back to mirrored. Senn'Jos started to run down her regulations and laws that she had downloaded on her on board computer. She was building her case of arguments for when this Captain returned. She was also glad that she carried some supplies, because she had a feeling that this going to take a while. She was also glad that she had already synced her chronometer to the Academy.

It took nearly another 2 hours before the Captain walked into the room. He only got the door closed before she tore into him. "Captain. As you have no clear reason for detaining me, except that of me being a Breen. You have already refused me my legal rights, as a Federation citizen."

"Oh you are not a Federation Citizen." He snarled at her.

This caused Senn'Jos to bring up intergalactic law. "Okay, so you are claiming that I'm not a citizen of the Federation." She said. "Which means that you are claiming that I'm from another recognized government. Even if it is the Breen Confederacy, it is recognized by the Federation, Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Cardassian Union, to name a few." She stated. "So, under your understanding, I'm entitled to speak with a member of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs. So at this point, I should let you know that I have recorded everything sense your personal took me from the the transporter pad at the Academy."

"You can't record anything." The Captain stated with a smirk. "Besides I can charge you with what ever crime I wish to charge you with." He stated still with a smirk.

"Okay, Captain." She started. "You can believe that if you want. So here is your choice, Captain. You can escort be back to the Academy or file formal charges, which you haven't even given me a reason for being detained." Senn'Jos folded her arms across her chest.

The Captain just started to laugh. He just kept going for a minutes before he had to stop because he couldn't breath. When he was able to get his breath under control. "Senn'Jos! I would like to officially welcome you to Starfleet." He said.

"Wait, what?" Senn'Jos said very confused.

"We run tests on students when they least expect it." The Captain said. "You have passed this test. We wanted to see how you would handle getting falsely accused of anything. You kept cool under the pressure. Shall we?" He asked as the door opened.

"Sure." She said grabbing her Breen helm. Senn'Jos sighed as she put the helm back on. As she followed the Captain out of the room and into the hall beyond.


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