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Uncharted Waters

Posted on 04/17/2020 @ 6:13pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant
Timeline: Current

Cerywyn and Hailey had spent the better part of an hour if not longer catching up along side trying to figure out what the here and now entailed. They'd served together as CO/XO so well they knew where to give and take; still, there were still things to adjust to in any new venture - especially when the new venture was an old venture too. She shook her head. The crew roster was abysmal on the station. They made a dent in it of sorts by culling through the crew that had ended up here with them - at least as a stop gap - from the IXL ships as a matter of necessity. As she'd pointed out to Captain Konuha, they had to start somewhere. Cerywyn had already confirmed the CEO and felt the young Betazoid hybrid would hopefully be a good fit for the chief engineers post when she arrived. They still needed chief tactical officer and chief security officer. Cerywyn had been looking through a stack PADDS that someone had piled on the desk - the fact that they were dust covered was not inspiring hope. She was about half way through the list when one caught her attention and brought a slight gasp. She read through the file. As far as qualifications went, the officer in question was qualified. There were other considerations though - one doesn't just put aside history and expect the here and now to be easy. Cerywyn knew that first hand. In spite of Hugh's valient work onboard the Endeavour, he was still Borg and he'd still made Cerywyn's blood boil when he arrived on their vessel. He was her sworn enemy, and yet, he wasn't. Koer, a Hirogen, and served on the Endeavour - a hostile race amidst those that he had no reason to want to keep safe and, yet again, he had done so and more. Time and again the outcast of one had become a trusted crew member, perhaps even a friend, enough to make Cerywyn warily consider the possibilities Lt. Senn 'Jos represented. Never one to debate a decision for long, she punched in the information on the PADD and hoped it reached the right person. Waiting was not her strong suit and she never pretended that it was. Eventually, the SF emblem gave way and the image stabilized.

She inclined her head toward the screen. "I'd like to speak to Lt. Senn'Jos."

Senn"Jos was working on her suit in her quarters when she hear the comm chirp. She took the Breen uniform helm and a fixed it back over her face plate. With a sigh as she grabbed her cloak and through it over her shoulders as it would have taken to long to get into the full Breen outfit. She took a seat in front of the screen and opened the channel. "Speaking." She said in Federation standard. "Can I help you Admiral?"

Cerywyn nodded. "Yes, first, if I recall, your helment is not necessary for life support and I find it easier to talk to someone when I can see their face. Do you mind?"

She sighed and it came out sounding like a growl. She took the Breen helm off, but she still wore her face plate, with turned clear. She blinked her milky white eyes several times. "Sorry sir." She said. "I keep forgetting that several Starfleet officers are aware of the Breen tactics with the suits." She stated. "How can I help you today, Admiral?"

"Thank you. As for what you can do to help me, that's yet to be decided. I have an offer for you - if you're inclined. I'm in command of Fleet Operations in the Delta Quadrant. Fleet Operations is based on Space Station Cyrga and I'm having to flesh out the crew compliment. Your PADD was one I was given with a recommendation to be Chief of Security. That said, Fleet operations in this quadrant comprise many species with long memories. I can't tell you this will be easy assignment. I don't know how much you know about me but I didn't get to be a fleet admiral by being warm and fuzzy or lax. I'll get on your ever loving mind. Captain Konhua, my XO would probably tell you that I'm stubborn and I generally do as I damn well please, usually because I know my crew has my back." She paused for a moment. "I'll listen to advice all the time. I can't promise I'll always take it. I'll often put myself in harms way to save my crew from having to face the consequences for such things. I'm an El Aurian one of a handful of refugees from when the Borg destroyed my home and everything I knew. I'm 448 years old. I'm a highly gifted teep, both empathic and psionic. If you have problems with any of these things - you need to let me know now. The one thing I can promise you is that your life won't be dull, routine or anything ...resembling ordinary."

"I have no issues with people with psionic abilities, I only have an issue when they are used on me." Senn'Jos said to the woman. "I'm game for the position of Chief of Security on Cyrga Station." She said as she looked at the Admiral. "I understand that you wish to stand up for your personnel, especially if they have yours. So I will let you know that, I am a loyal type person, but if you betray me.... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." She said. "I will also to let you know that I do require to wear a suit, but the uniform that everyone see is for the mystery of the Breen. I'm so use to wearing it when dealing with others, it feels strange when not using it."

She nodded. "You can be assured that I won't invade your thoughts. There is always a passive connection between me and my crew as a general way of knowing who is where or when something isn't quite right. Beyond that, I have enough to worry about that I won't go looking for it in some one else's head." She smiled softly. "I just feel it's better for people to know what they're getting into. The Delta Quadrant is a long way to come only to turn around and go back." She tapped the controls and sent coordinates. "You'll have to travel through the Chloran wormhole to get here. It's a ....bumpy ride and that's putting it mildly." She leaned back a bit. "As for your suit, I realize you're comfortable in it, but that comfort, while a protection for you, is a barrier to others. Most humanoid life forms prefer seeing the face behind the mask. It's how's how we build trust. I'm not going to order you not to wear it, but I would like for you to consider some type of modification. On an away mission, your fully suited form is an asset. Day to day operations onboard the station, not so much and it's in that capacity that you'll need to be a bit more...approachable. All of our safety may come to depend on it." She paused. "Cyrga, is a unique station assignment. I'll tell you more about the specifics when you get here."

"I understand." Senn'Jos said. "My people have a environment requirement that requires me to wear a suit. I wear a pressure suit under the Breen suit. I understand that you don't want to wear the outer Breen suit, unless it is needed for a reason?"


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