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Crew Assignments - Security

Posted on 05/15/2020 @ 4:45pm by Captain Hailey Konuha & Lieutenant Senn'Jos

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Cyrga Space Station - Delta Quadrant
Timeline: 242004.20

=/\= Captain Hailey Konuha's Office =/\=

Hailey slipped through the nearly abandoned Operations Room - what would be the Bridge if Cyrga were a Starship - and into her office. It had a double entrance: one from the main corridor that had a waiting area and a place for her assistant and the other was a direct passage to Ops. Her office was just as she had left it all those years ago, complete with all her trappings and knickknacks of remembrance. How, exactly, these thing were moved, duplicated, gotten .. was all a mystery. A mystery that was more of Cyrga's "magic". Rubrik had made sure nothing was out of order.

Her dark red cherry desk was pristine - not a speck of dust. There were a stack of PADD's that were blank and waiting on the first streams of data to be placed. Even her favorite coffee mug with the old emblem from her Endeavor was sitting in its position clean and waiting to be used. Hailey slid into her desk chair and sunk into it's cushions. Closing her eyes she tried to make sense of it all, but after a few minutes decided that getting to the business of crew assignments was the better offering.

She touched a button on her desk and the holographic screen came to life. Screens showing different tactical, operational and personnel information came to life and started streaming across the screen. "Computer, limit data to personnel only. Access all personnel databases from all races and group names by active, non-active and crew positions by open and filled. Analyze and correlate best candidates for each open position and give me bios and dossiers for those positions already filled.

+Working .... all relevant information on filled crew assignments ready. Accessing all known Federation and Non-Federation personnel and cross-referencing will be achieved in approximately 17 hours, 23 minutes.+

Hailey looked at the filled crew data and swiped that portion of the screen on to one of the waiting PADDs. The first name up was Lt Senn'Jos - Chief of Security. Hailey's eyes widen when she started to read the bio. Lt. Senn'Jos was Breen. "What in the name of all that is Holy is that woman doing to me now?", Hailey swore out loud to no one. "Computer, location of Lt Senn'Jos?"

+"Lt Senn'Jos is located in the Main Hangar+

"Send a message to her to report to my office immediately", Hailey ordered. The computer chirped in acknowledgement. Hailey continued to read the details of the Breen's military record and qualifications waiting on her guest to arrive.

Senn'Jos had just arrived an hour previous and she was overseeing the off loading of her personal stuff. Then he HUD told her of the order to report to the stations XO. She turned headed from the hanger, which she knew that the personnel there where glad that she had left. With her experience within Starfleet, she knew that see wasn't well liked because she was Breen and many where intimidated by the Breen Exo-suit uniform, which she was wearing current and within Starfleet uniform regulations on Gold trim, Federation Combadge, and Ranking pins. She couldn't help smirking as she walked into the outer part of the XO's office. She didn't see anyone sitting in the Yeoman's desk. She walked past it and hit the buzzer and waited.

"Come", said Hailey as she heard the chirp. The screen that allowed her to see in the outer waiting area assured her it was her Breen Security Officer. Hailey got up and walked to the center of the room and clasped her hands behind her.

Senn'Jos walked into the room and made note that the XO was standing in the center of the room and her hands where behind her back. Stepping up to the other woman, she came to attention. "Reporting as requested, ma'am." The female sounded voice said from the vocabulator.

Hailey took a minute to size up the Breen that stood before her. Draped in her Exosuit, it was all Hailey could do to keep the rage inside her. She wasn't sure how well of a job she was doing not allowing it to show. She motioned to a pair of chairs at a small conference table and strode over and sat down in one of them. She momentarily scanned her PADD and then looked at the Lt with piercing eyes. "I'll be blunt and to the point Lt." she stated flatly. "Having been a CSec myself in the past, I know the position all to well. Tell me, please, why Starfleet? I mean, you're Breen - isn't that a bit of a paradox? Also, why this station?" Konuha sat back in her chair and waited for the response.

Senn'Jos followed the XO to the small sitting area. She did make note on how tense the XO was and the look of pure rage in her eyes. She didn't sit right away. She proceeded to pull of the gloves of her exosuit. It reviled another gloved three finger hands, and not the 5 the suit showed, which she dropped onto the floor. Then she reached up and pulled the muzzle of her Breen helm and dropped it and took the helm off as well. This showed her light purple face and milky white eyes, behind a full clear face mask. It took a few moments longer to remove the rest of the Breen exo-suit. This reviled her thinner then a typical Breen form, as she was fully dressed in another skin tight suit. Even her feet ended in a pair of larger booted toes, with her lower legs are bowed backwards significantly. Leaving the suit on the floor she stepped over to the chair and took a seat in it. "Sorry about the delay, ma'am." She said with a gesture at the Breen exo-suit sitting on the floor. "Yes I'm Breen." She admitted just as bluntly. "I'm from a Breen colony from within the Federation territories. We where allowed to colonize this world with the blessing of the Federation Council. We had fled the Breen Confederacy before they joined the Dominion." She stated as she calmly crossed her legs in front of her and rested her folded hands on her knee. "So naturally when I wanted to join the military I would join the military, or in this case Starfleet, of the government I grew up under and respect. Also, I want to see the universe at large, and use the skills my father taught me to their fullest." She stated. "As for your question about this station. Can't the same question be posed at you as well?"

Hailey bristled at the impertinence. "You forget yourself, Lt.", she said staring the Breen down. "I'll answer your question ONLY because I choose to. I was brought to the station - picked you might say. I've actually served on this station before so my qualifications in running are shall we say .. unique. You're a Starfleet Officer and I'll expect you to act like one - starting with how you talk to a superior officer. Do I make myself EXCEPTIONALLY clear, Lt?" The rage inside her could hardly be contained. She'd seen first hand what the Breen were capable of doing. Having this one as her Chief of Security could be both a blessing and a curse.

She was taken back at the pure rage the Captain was showing towards her. She figured that they Captain had seen combat with those of the Breen Confederacy. She stood and brought herself to attention as she felt that she was getting dressed down for a meet and greet. "Yes sir, perfectly clear sir." Senn'Jos stated. "Fleet Admiral Cerywyn requested that I come assume the post as Chief Security Officer aboard the Cyrga, sir." She stated as formally as she could. "She also, requested that I don't wear the outer Breen uniform, unless it was necessary. That is why I had removed it, because a formal meeting would not classified as necessary." She added.

Hailey carefully eyed this officer. She closed her eyes momentarily to calm herself as best as she could. "Sit down, Lt.", she said tactfully. "Well as I am aware that it was Fleet Admiral Cerywyn that recruited you for this posting, don't forget that *I* am your direct superior." She inhaled deeply to enhance her calming efforts. "That being said, your qualifications for Security Chief are outstanding and expect no less than 100% of your best. You being a Breen is going to cause a few ruffled feathers with this crew - especially the humans. I trust you have a thick hide and will know how to defuse any potential situation from getting out of hand? The last thing we need on this station is full on animosity towards one of my Sr Officers." Hailey got up and walked over to her desk and leaned against the edge of it. She cocked her head in a quizzical way trying to make heads her own mind up about this Breen. "I'll send out a memo to the station's compliment and "advise" against any hostile action. Will that work for you, Lt.?"

She remained standing at attention, but did shift her position so she could keep her attention on the Captain. "I understand sir." She said. "I believe that the Admiral is wishing to use the Breen reputation to her advantage." She stated. "That is why she requested that I don't wear the standard Breen Uniform so the hostility would be lower, sir."

Hailey nodded in agreement. "I appreciate you taking the necessary measures to ensure a smooth and aggression free environment." Hailey stood and faced Senn'Jos. "Do you have any questions for me, Lt?" She waited for a moment and added "Come on Lt speak freely. You don't appear to be the shy type"

Senn'Jos took a deep breath before she started. "I can handle hostile situations, sir." She stated. "I would like to know why you are so hostile towards me? Is it because I'm a Breen?"

Hailey suddenly felt guilt for the outward display. "That's a fair question, Lt. As you know, the Breen haven't exactly been on the list of best friends of the Federation. I've seen my fair share of the aftermath the Breen has strewn in the name of the Confederacy. However,it is unfair to place you in that same grouping. For that you have my apology. Anything else?"

"I'm keenly aware of this fact and I appreciate the apology." Senn'Jos stated. "I, also, know Starfleet Intelligence is still reviewing all my communications home to my parents. To make sure I'm not doing anything that can be constituted as Treason." She said. "My colony has regular checks by Intel, and I'm the first to leave the colony."

Konuha nodded in agreement with the assessment. "Just make sure there aren't in skeletons in your closet, Lt." She stood and smoothed out her uniform. "If there isn't anything else, please see to your duties...", she walked behind her desk and stood stiff. "... and Welcome Aboard."

She snapped to attention before she picked up her Breen uniform and headed out the door. Her face mask went mirrored again so no one could see how upset she was at this meeting. But right now she had to get her quarters set up for her environmental needs. She was sure that the Admiral was going to make a call for her as well at some point.


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