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Coming Home

Posted on 04/25/2020 @ 4:32pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Captain Hailey Konuha

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Transport Herndon's Folly
Timeline: Current
Tags: FAdm Cerywyn

Daryk looked out the window of his berth on the Folly and saw that they were queued for entry into Cyrga Station's traffic pattern. A couple of seconds passed before the pilot announced the same.

**Home sweet home** he thought as he started to gather up his things:

A PADD with his orders, rank and commission information
Another one with crew dossiers and pertinent information
His duffel with all the clothes he had on his back and some personal belongings
A small rolling suitcase with his personal medical kit and some experimental housings for new hypospray applications and scanner parts
His own holographic library of medical texts and codices (A little archaic, but came in handy when the station would have its periods of power shutdowns while he was needing to do research)
that would fit into the datacube receptacle on his CMO desk.

He stowed everything as tightly as he could within his duffel and strapped it and himself into the seats. The wormhole was notoriously unpredictable in the way it slammed ships and cargo about, and he didn't want to end up with a hemorrhage or a broken bone.

The queue was quite packed, though not all ships were destined for the station as he was. Some used the route for other destinations. However, their destination point was receiving no visitors, and DeLauter swore under his breath. The bumpiest ride he knew was down the wormhole. Cyrga Station wasn't his favorite place, and he avoided it like the Denebian flu. But, money was money to him, and he'd been paid to do a job when work was scarce.

After an interminable time and what felt like an all-over beating by two , the pilot, one Angus DeLauter put the transport into 'hurry up and wait' mode and got up out of his seat to fetch Thrace a swift kick on the leg of his seat to startle him awake.

"Get up, you're here."

Admiral Cerywyn was startled awake to the blaring of the station's alarm. She tapped her comm badge ++Admiral Korin, report?++ A moment later amidst a flurry of Klingon curses Korin replied. "There's a transport ship attempting to dock with the station. I didn't think you were expecting anyone?"
She muttered to herself. "Stand down to yellow alert and vet the ships registry before you blow it up, please?" She said sarcastically and then closed the channel. She was a light sleeper and to be awakened when she had just gone to sleep irritated her to now end. 10 minutes later, she was dressed in a midnight black tunic with silver swirls and black leggings and boots, one of her go to command outfits. She pinned on her comm badge and placed her rank insignia on the mandarin collar of the tunic. As she strode out the door, she nearly ran into Captain Konuha. She motioned for her XO to walk with her. "Do you know anything about this transport ship?" she said handing Hailey the information.

The station's dim lighting was clear evidence it was in night mode. The silent blinking of the yellow alert beacon cast eerie shadows as they walked the somewhat empty corridors toward the docking area. When the doors slid open, she looked at the crewman manning the controls. "Ensign Zapata, what's going on?" He shrugged. "From what I can tell, the Herndon's Folly is a transport ship. Admiral Korin and the Legion are on standby. They are.." Cerywyn frowned. "I know, they're not amused." She shook her head. "Neither are we. Not under present circumstances." She tapped the console where Ensign Zapata stood.

"This is Admiral Cerywyn to..." she looked at the PADD Captain Konuhua turned towards her. "Mr. DeLauter. Please state your business with Space Station Cyrga."

"Don't you know when your own personnel are coming in?" DeLauter grumped over the comm. "I was paid to take your man out here, I risked life and limb, and some good fragile cargo, to ferry this"-- he looked at Thrace with a sneer -- "officer here to your station. D'you think I wanted to be out here? This place gives me the creeps!" After a moment, he remembered himself. "Herndon's Folly, old-ass transport ship out of Arax."

Konuha exchanged glances with Cerywyn. After a quick verification scan she looked puzzled. "Admiral, the registry checks out, but I don't have that ship on any official flight plans coming to the station .. especially not in the middle of the night! Hang on ...", she said and touched her Comm badge

+comm+ "This is Captain Konuha of the Space Station Cyrga. Please identify the officer in question - name, rank?"

The man's voice came back. "Ah...sez he's Thrace, Daryk, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer. Has one of those PADD things, and looks like Starfleet. Smells like it, too."

Cerywyn nodded towards Hailey. "His information is probably buried in that stack on my desk. My guess is he got orders before we got here and just slipped in the shuffle." She looked down at her chrono. "If you'll get this...him settled, I'll let the legion know they can stand down." She turned to go but looked back over her shoulder. "then you should get some sleep, too."

Hailey smiled warmly at Cerywyn. "Of course, Admiral. Good Night. Don't worry about the good Dr. I'll handle it." She watched Cerywyn disappear around the corner. Hailey turned her attention back to the Herndon's Folly.

+comm+ "Herdon's Folly, this is Captain Konuha. You're clear to dock at Hanger Bay 3. Have the Doctor check the manifest for room assignment and report to my office at 0730 tomorrow morning. Konuha out. Hailey squinted her eyes that were now beginning to burn from lack of sleep. She made her way back to her quarters and slumped into the bed and was fast asleep before she knew it.

Angus turned toward Daryk. "Awright, Lieutenant. Once we're docked at Bay 3, you have ten seconds to depart my space. Make sure yer ready t'go before I get there or else I'll leave with whate'er gear you've left behind. I don't like it 'ere and never 'ave."

Thrace threw him a wry look and hauled his gear up onto his shoulders. He'd have some explaining to do once he got onto the was really bad form to arrive in the middle of the night, but what choice had he had at the time? His luck had run out on Arax and it had taken most of his remaining funds to get him out of there. Otherwise, he would have probably been drawn and quartered by now.

The docking followed the usual back-and-forth negotiation from the control crew to the transport, and it was only a few minutes from the time they'd entered Cyrga's locale to the time they touched down. Giving one last look at the grizzled old captain, Daryk stepped out of the transport and onto the deckplates of his new home.

He hoped.


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