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IXL Fleet Report

Posted on 04/26/2020 @ 1:10am by Admiral Ian Korin & Captain J'Radk

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: IXL Whitestar - Flagship of IXL | Admiral's Ready Room
Timeline: SD 242004.35

Korin materialized on a transporter pad of the Whitestar, briefly nodding to the Ensign manning the console as he headed for the bridge.
As the doors of the lift opened, the sound of “Admiral on the Bridge,” bellowed and all eyes turned to greet him. Looking at T’Albert and J’Radk, Korin silently motioned to the doors of the Ready Room on the Bridge. “Mackleson,” T’Albert said to an Andorian LtJg at the OPS station. “You have the CONN.”
Korin didn’t sit as the doors closed behind the two officers. “Beldin?”
“On the Legacy,” replied J’Radk.
“Of course,” acknowledged Korin. He looked at T’Albert, “Where did she come from?”
T’Albert shook his head. “Unknown. Sensors picked up an unknow target, then we received a hail from the ship…a Captain Boyington.”
Korn turned the windows of the Ready Room to look at the large ship. “How did you get here, Legacy?”, he asked more to himself than the two men standing in the room. “So, this is what Cerywyn was talking about in that last statement.”
“Boyington asked for you, Admiral,” J’Radk interjected. The Phoenix Guardian’s Captain’s expression was puzzled. “I didn’t think we’d ever see her again, sir.” Korin nodded, remembering that J’Radk was one the few ship’s captains who witnessed the ship called Legacy enter the temporal wormhole in pursuit of the renegade Vulcan Starfleet Admiral Za’Kal. “Neither did I, J’Radk.”
“Since you weren’t available, Beldin transported over,” added T’Albert. “I couldn’t stop him. He said without you here, he was the only person who could go.”
Korin turned back to the pair, “He was right,” he added. “Status of the Fleet?”
“No real injuries nor damage of available personnel or ships,” reported J’Radk with a hint of confusion in his voice. “Explain,” said Korin.
“It’s as if we’re missing about one-third of our fleet,” added T’Albert. “Mostly smaller support ships, transports, and about one-tenth of our combat vessels.” “But,” J’Radk finished, “computers indicate we are at full strength.”
Korin tapped the console on his desk. “I see what you mean.” He looked at J’Radk, “Have all ships reported in?” “Yes, Admiral, they have,” J’Radk replied.
“Admiral,” interrupted T’Albert. “Where are we?”
Korin tapped the console and nodded the larger viewer in the Ready Room to display Cygra. “That is Cygra, deep in the Delta Quadrant. Unmapped and unknown area of the Delta Quadrant for the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans, likely anyone else in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. And our new home and new responsibility, gentlemen.”
Both T’Albert and J’Radk had confused expression. “Admiral?”
“We have been requested to occupy and protect her,” Korin continued.
“Her?” the pair asked in unison.
“Cygra, the station. She is very much alive.” Korin paused then headed for the doors. “Now, when Cerywyn comes aboard, give her your report and suspicions. I will be back shortly. I need to go to Legacy myself.”


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