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Posted on 05/19/2020 @ 12:52am by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Admiral Ian Korin & Captain J'Radk & Commander Beldin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant, Legion Command
Timeline: Current

Cerywyn looked at the padds on her desk. She and Captain Konuha were making headway but there were way more open positions than crew. She shook her head. One thing she'd learned from her time on Versailles was that one couldn't command alone. She was, she hoped, better at delegating than before. She was, perhaps still, quite the hands on CO as always, but she also had come to learn that many hands make light work. The rest of these files would have to wait. She was due to meet Korin and J'Radk on the Guardian. She grabbed her teacup and drained the last of the lukewarm tea before walking into the central room of the office. Yeoman Aya was busy trying to make sense of the Admiral's schedule. Cerywyn smiled. "I'm heading to a meeting with the Legion officers. Captain Konuha is in her office if you need anything." Aya looked up and nodded. "Yes ma'am." Cerywyn turned and strode through the waiting doors and was joined moments later by Andale. {{I see you're going to be a pest about this, aren't you?}} she asked. Andale shrugged, {{It is my task, Admiral.}} She closed her eyes and counted to ten. {{Very well}} Moments later, they strange pair entered the docking area. Cerywyn looked over at Andale whose already pale skin seemed somehow paler and his eyes wider. He was, for lack of a better word awestruck. Cerywyn strode over to the docking port where the Guardian was located and tapped in her command codes. A moment later the door opened. She turned to Andale who shook his head {{I will be here when you are done Admiral.}} She shrugged and nodded and turned her attention back to the young man manning the gate so to speak. "Can you tell me where Captains J'Radk and T'Albert are?" she asked. The young man replied "On the bridge ma'am." Cerywyn inclined her head in acknowledgement and turned down the corridor that would take her to the TL and eventually to the bridge. Stepping out on the command platform, Cerywyn smiled. The movement at the door caused the young woman in the command chair to stand up briskly. Cerywyn stalled her just before she could get the "Admir...." on the bridge statement out. She shook her head and motioned her to take her seat. "Please, don't. Captains J'Radk and T'Albert are expecting me." The office pointed to the door off to the side "Through there." Cerywyn smiled. "See, that wasn't so bad."

In the Whitestar Ready Room, T'Albert sat behind the CO desk, while J'Radk reclined on the chaise with a PADD in this hand. "The fleet is reporting full readiness. I will need to return to the Guardian soon." T'Albert nodded, an irritated expression on his face, "Once we determine what we're ready for. The Admiral really didn't provide any real information before heading that ship Legacy."
J'Radk scratched at his cheek. "Well, Legacy is a little more than a ship."
"And, who in the hell is Boyington?" added T'Albert. "That's a story into itself," replied J'Radk.

Cerywyn walked up to the door and hit the chime. When the doors slid open she stepped through and the doors silently closed behind her. "Good morning, Captains. I take it that Admiral Korin and Commander Beldin are with Legacy?"

Both J'Radk and T'Albert jumped to their feet.
"Yes, Admiral," replied T'Albert, "they are. And Captain J'Radk has a report from the fleet."
"I was attempting to explain Legacy to the Whitestar XO, Admiral," reported J'Radk. "The fleet is at full readiness, tho somewhat confused; as are the two of us."
T'Albert moved to an empty chair. "Would the Admiral wish to sit?"
"Your manners have improved, T'Albert," smiled Cerywyn as she accepted the seat.
"One thing, Admiral," injected J'Radk. "I've mentioned to Admiral Korin something that seems odd."
"Yes, ma'am," continued J'Radk. "According our records, we are at full fleet strength."
"J'Radk and I,' added T'Albert, "it seems to us that we missing about a third of the fleet. It's just a feeling, and we've got nothing concrete to say this is true. As J'Radk has said, records indicate we are at full operational strength."

Cerywyn frowned. "Are you sure you're reading the right transponder signals?" asked as she took the seat T'Albert had vacated. "Alternatively, the station itself could be intefering with your reading and masking our real numbers - which I'm not sure are stellar all things considering." The doors swished open and young Bolian yeoman entered, bringing a tray with a tea kettle and cups. Cerywyn inclined her head. "Thank you." The yeoman nodded at the Admiral and turned and nodded to J'Radk. Cerywyn leaned forward, poured the steaming water over the delicate tea leaves and resting in the strainer. Done, she picked up the fragile cup and leaned back in the chair. "Echoes. I wonder if what we're picking up is echoes."

The doors opened and Beldin, accompanied by two others, one a middle-aged human male with military bearing, the other a young human woman with dimples and a glint of mischeviousness in her eyes, entered. "Korin will be joining us shortly," Beldin reported. "He had another matter that required," Beldin cleared his throat, "his attention."

Cerywyn sat her cup aside and stood. "Colonel Boyington," she replied to the man, then smiled at the young woman, "Legacy. You are learning to be rather clever, I see."

Legacy grinned, and glanced briefly at Beldin. "I didn't wish to miss any fun." Then the young woman stepped toward Cerywyn, extending her hands and spoke a formal greeting to Cerywyn in El-Aularian formal speech.

Cerywyn smiled with an arched brow. "It would seem you have learned many new things...and manners," she said as she looked at the three Legion officers, "Something I am certain some individuals could benefit from."

Boyington attempted to hide a smile, but quickly took the opportunity to end the pleasant reunion, hopefully returning to what he believed the meeting was about. "I don't wish to put a downer on things," he interjected. "But I gather, like Korin, you'd like to know why we are here at this camp gathering?"

Cerywyn returned to her chair, motioning everyone to likewise sit. As she sat, she nodded. "Indeed."

Boyington continued. "To put things in the simpliest terms..."

"I," interupted Legacy, "rather, we were summoned."

Boyington recounted the tale he and Legacy had previously shared with Beldin and Korin. When Boyington had finished, Legacy, who had been studying Cerywyn during the retelling, spoke directly to Cerywyn.

"You are the Emissary. The Legion, and specifically Korin, are the Guardians. If I understand the information from my library, the more precise definition is that you, Cerywyn are the representation of the current Emissaries, those that will serve on station and its entity. The Korin is the representation of the current Guardians or Protectors, which is the Legion."

J'Radk had a frown on his face. "It doesn't explain the question of "Why You?", he directed to Legacy.

"To serve the Legion," she replied. "That was what was explained to me by the One who previously inhabited the vessel."

T'Albert was shaking his head and waving his hands, "Whoa whoa whoa. I'm rather late to the game here. What do you mean by "the One who previously inhabited the vessel"?" "I'll fill you in later," Beldin offered. "Korin locked those files."

T'Albert's comm chirped and he tapped his commbadge +tap+ "T'Albert here, report."

+tap+ "Captain, we're being scanned."
+tap+ "Location?"
+tap+ "The station, sir. Scans are narrowed to the schematics for the Legion-based ships...all configurations."
+tap+ "Just Legion ships? None of the other ship classes?"
+tap+ "With the exception of the Whitestar, only Legion classes."

"It is Cyrga," noted Legacy. "For the station's shipyards." She looked at Cerywyn. "Cyrga will likely make several improvements. If it becomes necessary, the schematics for other ships will be obtained."

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow. "That explains a few things" she murmured to herself. She turned to Legacy. "Am I right in thinking that you and Cyrga recognize one another. . . you have knowledge one of the other even if you are different?" When Legacy nodded Cerywyn frowned. "Some how that doesn't bode well." She looked at the officers filling the room. "For the moment, Legion ships will report to both Korin 'Sa and myself. Additionally, some of you might find yourself doing double duty. Cyrga's massive in case that had escaped your notice...and we need to get her fully operational again. I'm not asking gentlemen, but go through your rosters and assign officers to rotating schedules that includes Cyrga."

She was about to speak, but stopped as the doors slid open. "It's about time." She shook her head. "I've just comandeered officers from the Legion to rotate onto the duty roster for Cyrga. What kept...." She shook her head. "Never mind. That explains the other presence I felt. How is he?"

Beldin had an odd expression. "Are your temples grayer?"

Korin absently touched at the side of his head. "Torak is well, but is unable to leave the ship." He paused. "I've had a visitor of another kind." He looked at T'Albert, J'Radk, and Beldin. "You three are to oversee any adaptions to the ships. Work with Colonel Boyington and Legacy. The Legion is to be combat ready. Cygra will have some modification for all our ships...operational, defensive, and offensive. With the exception of the Whitestar and Concordia all non-Legion-class vessels will serve as support craft for Cyrga. J'Radk, find a ship and crew for Beldin's use." He looked at Cerywyn. "I have some limited understanding of what we will be against and what is required of us." He added a thought that only Cerywyn would understand.

Cerywyn held up her hand. "Whoa, there, my friend. Before you start making deployments, your people and my people, our people - need to be on the same page. I've got new crew arrivals, a massive Starbase full of mismashed parts, some civilians here and there and more than a few loose ends." She shook her head and straightened, looking at Korin. "I don't normally pull rank, but this time, I am, a little." She turned and looked at J'Radk once I know why Cyrga has done this, and find out what she's willing to tell us, then you can see to whatever modifications are needed. Before that, though, I need an accurate account of what's in your inventory as far as your ships go. You can relay that information to my yeoman, Lt. Grace and my XO, Captain Konuha." She then turned to Beldin. "I might be able to help with a ship for your use unless Korin 'Sa has a better idea - BUT first, I need a full briefing with my senior staff and the lot of you. AT THE SAME TIME." She frowned. "Why can't anything ever be simple?" She shook her head and then turned back to Korin but said nothing outloud {{And just what is HE doing here?}}. She sighed and absently rubbed the bridge of her nose. "It'll take some time to coordinate all the data points on all of your ships, locations, take stock of what is fully operatonional and what isn't. I don't want a secure perimeter though, let's say within 5 light-years in all directions. Active patrols. Cyrga does have a fighter compliment but no flight commander at present and there's no telling what condition everything is in." She looked at Legacy then. "You, me and Cyrga - are going to be having some long conversations I think." Hands on her waist, the Fleet Admiral looked at everyone in the room. "I think you all have enough to do for the moment. I'll get with Captain Konuha and Lt. Grace and coordinate a senior briefing." She paused, running through the mental list of open establishments still available on the station. "The station has a semi-functional promenade - I'm sure your crew can find the something to pass the time if needed and if not, there's plenty of repair work to be done." She headed for the door, and stopped "Oh, and gentlemen, I expect to see you *all* at the senior briefing. Not a holoprojection or screen view, in person. Understood?"


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