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Getting Reaquainted

Posted on 05/03/2020 @ 1:21am by Admiral Ian Korin & Commander Beldin
Edited on on 05/03/2020 @ 6:56pm

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: IXL Legacy
Timeline: SD 242005.02

Beldin entered the bridge of the ship, Legacy, recognizing several familiar face. "Commander!" "Hi, Commander Beldin!" "Good to see you, Commander!" Such were the greetings that met Beldin as he smiled. "Colonel Boyington?"
The officer sitting the center chair pointed toward the doors of the CO's Ready Room. "They are waiting on you, Commander."
Beldin walked to the doors. "Admiral Korin may join us later," he noted. "Acknowledged," replied the officer.
As the doors opened, Beldin was met by three individuals. He recognized Boyington instantly. Based upon descriptions, Beldin recognized the Vulcan as the Kolinahr High-Master Torak. The attractive young red-head woman with dimples, Beldin didn't recognize. She spoke first, "Hello, Beldin-father." That stopped Beldin cold with stunned, open-mouth expression. The Vulcan and Boyington both laughed. "There have been some changes, Commander," laughed the Vulcan.
"I can see that, Master Torak," noted Beldin. "Nice hologram, by the way." Torak tapped his chest, "Not a hologram. Avatar, Commander, thanks to Legacy."
The young woman, girlishly twirled, "What do you think?" Beldin shook his head and chuckled., "It's a good thing I was never on board. I think, Legacy, you would make me gray." "You would never let yourself be gray, old man," Legacy's disembodied voice replied while the Legacy-Avatar giggled.
"I think we need to get to business," smiled Boyington as he extended his hand to Beldin.
"Hello, Colonel," greeted Beldin. "And you're right. I have the same questions Korin will have. Za'Kal?"
"Dead," replied Boyington. "We caught up with him about four months after we followed him through the temporal wormhole."
"Before you ask," interrupted Beldin, "the wormhole closed and sealed right after you entered it."
A relieved expression passed on Boyington's face. "That's good to know. Sensor's had indicated that, but we weren't certain."
Beldin nodded. "So Za'Kal, dead. Couldn't happen to crazier individual. We'll get more details later. How did you find your way here and now?"
"We were summoned," said Legacy's red-headed Avatar.
"From whom?"
"Unknown," she added. "But logic would indicate, it was the entity of Cygra."
Beldin did a double-take. "You know what the station is?"
"Not fully," Legacy replied. "I received a signal and a temporal distortion materialized before me."
"Legacy took us through," added Boyinton. "And here we are."

The doors opened to reveal the arrival of Korin, who stopped, his attention on Torak. "Hello, Korin," said Torak as he held the Vulcan salute. "It is good to see you."


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