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Explanations and Revelations

Posted on 05/09/2020 @ 2:45am by Admiral Ian Korin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: IXL Legacy
Timeline: SD 242005.08

Korin listened to the story that detailed Legacy’s journey to Cyrga. While he attempted to focus on the tale, Korin’s attention often drifted toward both the Avatars of Torak and Legacy. Torak smiled several times at his old pupil. {{We will talk}} The thought from the Vulcan High Master spoke to Korin.
“I hope we can help,” Boyington’s voice interrupted, drawing Korin’s attention back to the moment.
“Of that,” replied Korin, “I am certain.”
“Admiral Cerywyn will wish to be advised,” added Legacy.
Korin nodded. “Beldin, escort Colonel Boyington and Legacy to the Whitestar. Cerywyn is there.” He turned to Torak. “Korin and I need to talk,” finished Torak.

With Beldin returning to the Whitestar with Boyington and Avatar-Legacy, Korin leaned against a short stone wall overlooking the Vulcan landscape. “Legacy’s holodecks are very good,” he noted. Torak, his hands folded in the sleeves of his robe nodded in agreement. “And?” he said to Korin, he gaze still on the landscape.
“And?” asked Korin looking at Torak.
“Seeing me in this form?”
Korin arched a brow. “Somewhat disturbing, admittedly.”
Torak chuckled. “It did take some adjustments. Legacy found that creating the Avatars increased her efficiency rather relying on the holo-emitters. I am still in the Awareness matrix, but with this avatar, I have found interacting with the crew is more…”
Torak smile. “Pleasant. While I have no real need to eat or rest, the sensations have been missed.” Then Torak looked into Korin’s eyes. “And how have you been treating my pupil?” The question was not directed to Korin. A shimmer became visible, and another Vulcan, shabby looking, materialized. “TORAK!” he barked, a large smile on his face, hands held wide.
Torak embraced the new arrival. “Garath, I see you manage to find your way to Korin.”
“Well,” the Vulcan Garath grinned, “I could not leave him to his own devices. And besides, I rather enjoy tweaking Brennen’s nose. I never believed I could find someone stuffier than some of our Kolinahr brethren.” He put his arm around Korin’s shoulders. “This one,” he shook Korin, “you’ve done a good job. He and the El-Aurian are well balanced. She can be as unpredictable as he is.” Garath looked at Korin, then to Torak, “They are very able to the coming tasks.”
Korin frowned. “You both are doing it again.”
The two Vulcan High-Masters smiled, then Garath vanished. “You need to return to the Whitestar.”
“Cerywyn will be happy to see you,” Korin added as he started for the opening holo-deck doors.
“I won’t be joining you,” stated Torak. “While Legacy’s avatar may leave the ship, I can not.”
Korin turned back to Torak. “Explain.”
“Legacy is both the ship and the avatar, but the ship itself, despite the many adaptations that have occurred over the many millenniums, is likely as old as that station, Cyrga.”
“No,” Legacy voiced. “Is as ancient as she who is Cyrga’s essence. My knowledge indicates there is a connection this vessel’s beginning.” There was a pause. “The translation of the meaning is difficult for our current lexicon.”
“Legacy,” interrupted Korin. “Are the two…related?”
“No Admiral, not in matter I believe you mean. The closest comparison would be the relationship as found between the Trill and the symbionts,” noted Legacy.
“As the Legion will become to Cyrga?” suggested Torak.
“Possibly, Master Torak,” Legacy replied. “As protectors.”
“Protectors. Guardians,” Korin looked down at the floor in thought. “It is as we have determined.” He looked back to Torak. “But you haven’t answered my question.”
“I am not as Legacy,” replied Torak. “She has provide as place for my katra, but Legacy is the Awareness; she is the ship; she has access to all the knowledge of all those who served as the Awareness, the mind.”
Korin stood motionless, his eyes closed as followed the logical course of thought. “You are limited by the location of the mind of the one you mentor.” His eyes opened. “Legacy’s Avatar is an extension of herself, but her awareness is still anchored to this ship…her body.”
“That is an excellent explanation, Admiral,” replied Legacy.
Torak smiled. “Give my best to Cerywyn.”
Korin looked at the High-Master a moment longer, then raised his hand in the Vulcan gesture of greeting. “Long life and prosperity, Torak.”
Torak returnd the gesture. “And to you, my friend.”
Korin turned, leaving the holodeck alone, heading for the nearest transporter room.


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