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The Black Planet Rises - The Beginning of the Beginning

Posted on 06/06/2020 @ 9:32pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn
Edited on on 06/08/2020 @ 8:25pm

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: The Klae System
Timeline: 242006.06

Jissa Tanner was piloting a small science vessel aptly named the Asmiov for a private consortium of interested parties. If she could verify the data, she’d be one wealthy woman. Originally from Rigel 7, Jissa had worked her way around the galaxy on various vessels. A few of them had even be reputable. More often than not, Jissa skills at recovering information went to the highest bidder. She’d not asked any questions when she’d picked up the chit with this present assignment. She’d simply input the coordinates and set course. With the Federation’s presence in the delta quadrant suddenly going up, she couldn’t afford to caught. She ran her hands over the consoles and sent out the probes. Data regarding this particular system in the Delta Quadrant was restricted access only. That had never stopped her before. She flexed her fingers. Half an hour later, she had the information. It seemed that in 2400.08 then Captain Cerywyn, CO of the USS Endeavour had been kidnapped by the Klael when she boarded Cyrga. Space Station Cyrga had, until the Endeavour’s arrival, been greatly sought after by various factions in the quadrant but Cyrga had managed to keep them out. The records seemed incomplete because there was little by way of explanation as to how the Federation and the station reached an agreement. The file she’d accessed simply explained that Cerywyn had been kidnapped by a Klael officer named Kring, badly beaten before she was rescued only to turn up as a negotiator between the Tykarian Empire and Starfleet during the Honegah Crisis. Jissa didn’t really care about all that – she scanned further for additional information on the Klae. Not one to frighten easy, she drew a sharp intake of breath. The Klae system was off limits to all Federation entities. All vessels were warned to stay well over 100 lightyears from their boundaries. They were described as more aggressive than the Klingons and lacking any sense of honor. While she’d been hack...collecting data, she’d had the Asimov on autopilot. It wasn’t until her internal alarms sounded that she realized she’d drifted inside the closest boundary point and it was time to get to work. The Consortium that had hired her indicated that there was a moon about 5 light years from the boundary point and that the moon held some type of mineralized core they were after. If she could acquire it. . . She turned all of her attention to the asteroid field she was entering, hoping the asteroids would mask her entrance.......

====Inside the Klae System======

Kring drummed his hands on the console as he looked at the data on the screen. He snapped orders which were carried out without question. Sensors had picked up a puny ship on the edge of Klae space, but it was too far away to identify. No one served on Kring’s ship by choice. They were there to do his bidding and right now, he wanted to know what this puny vessel was that had entered Klae space. He nodded to the warrior at the helm and barked orders to intercept. There was no stealth involved. His ship was one of the largest in the fleet with enough firepower to destroy a moon if he wished it. This ship was nothing more annoying than a sandflea....and yet, he was curious.

==========On the Asmimov==========

Warnings began to blare. Jissa couldn’t ignore them any longer. She tapped and swore when the screen stabilized. There was a large vessel on an intercept course with her and it was from within the Klae borders. She’d been discovered. She considered her options and there was only one. She activated the emergency alert sequence. There was a larger asteroid. If she could maneuver her ship to get caught in its gravity field, she should be able to mask her presence a bit better. She should have done that in the first place. “Stupid, stupid know better. Money’s not worth your life...” she muttered to herself. “All well and good unless you get caught. Suddenly those notes in the file made sense and she was cursing herself for her carelessness. Her only hope now was to hope there was someone out there paying attention.

========Onboard the Tykarin Battle Ship Xanthe==============

“Captain, scans are picking up a small spacecraft with at least one lifesign 2 klics to the NW of our horizon line. We’ve attempted to hail them, but only get static in return” replied the young communications officer at the conn. She turned her attention back to the screen as she continued. “The vessel lacks any registry number and appears to be adrift.”

The young man in the big chair stood up. His boyish looks belied his age and was often taken for inexperience which he clearly did not lack but others often found out a little late. Lord Kellan looked over the tactical display and then leaned over to view coordinates on the helmsman’s terminal before making a reply, “Those coordinates are a boundary line. Unless we’re specifically called for help, there’s not much we can do but log the incident and maintain our course.” He frowned slightly. His sector had picked up lot of ‘noise’ lately but most of it had been out toward Starbase Cyrga. He’d been warned to give the station wide berth – to monitor but not engage. The signal his crew was reading was in the opposite direction in what appeared to be a small system of planets and moons. He brought up the Tykarian database records and input the coordinates, the system flashed in warning causing Captain Kellan’s frown to deepen. Medowyn, have you been able to get anything other than static from that blip on our screen? The young woman shook her head. “No, sir. Only open air.” Kellan swore. That blip is drifting into the Klae system...and our data shows they are hostile to pretty much anyone and anything they encounter. If that ship drifts too far in...” His voice trailed off.

Kellan looked over at his tactical officer. “Can we get there in time to make a difference.”

Daren looked up from his screen and then shifted the view to the main viewer as he replied “I don’t think so sir. The vessel has already drifted past the initial boundary line and they are now in Klae space.” He turned his attention. “We can’t intercept them . . . but, it is possible...maybe.”

“Well spit it out man, we don’t have all day” snapped Kellan.

“If we could get close enough without ourselves being detected, we could perhaps rescue the lifeforms on the ship” Kellan nodded. “Take us into full battle mode. All quiet.”
Daren ran his fingers quickly over the console; the bridge went dark. Kellan didn’t just command any ship. The one he was now on was long, with a blunted nose with four weapons platforms protruding from the hull. Two on each side of the vessel, one at each end of the vessel. The drives seemed to sit directly at the rear of the ship... unusual for a warp capable vessel. But the sheer amount of weaponry was enough to forestall most encounters. There were four turrets on the nose of the ship, and at least two more on each platform, she was clearly a combat vessel. When cloaked the ship was invisible with cloaking technology that was by far better than anything the Federation, Romulans or Klingons had developed. Not much had changed over the years. The Federation had kept to its treaty obligations with the Tykarian Empire as had they in return. Kellan did not possess the same sense of arrogance and superiority that was common among his people. He didn’t shoot first and ask questions later which is probably why he was out on patrol in the first place. He was, however, decisive. “Set course for the rim of the Klae system. Stay in dark mode. Increase long range scans. Let me know if there is so much of a whisper from inside the Klae system.”


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