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SD 242003.22 Catching up on lost time

Posted on 03/22/2020 @ 10:39pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn
Edited on on 03/22/2020 @ 10:40pm

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant
Timeline: 242003.22

Rubrik looked at the Admiral and smiled benignly, pointing her to the living area across the main office area. She walked towards the door the lights dimmed up slightly. “All the modifications you made previously are still in place. She nodded. “I see” she sat down while Korin walked to the nearby portal, staring out, his hands crossed behind his back. “I believe you were going to explain” he said.

Cerywyn cleared her throat and held up her hand before Rubric could speak. “How much do you know about my time here?” she asked. He turned and looked at her. “Not much. I know the official reports and what you’ve shared.”

She walked to the replicator, waited and returned a moment later with a Romulan ale and a cup of tea. She handed the ale to him. “You might want this.”

Taking her tea cup, she returned to her seat on the chaise, lifted her legs and slid them under her tiny frame. “Cyrga isn’t a ‘thing’. Cyrga is...Cyrga. She is a guardian of secrets we may never know. Prior to 2399, the station floated. Reports from various sources make mention of her silent form, darkened bays.”

She looked down into her cup. “The station was here long before my world was destroyed by the Borg and yet it went silently by. I have faint memories of trade between the various worlds in this quadrant taking place here but they’re not necessarily my memories, but hers. The arrival of the Borg changed everything.”

She sighed quietly. “When I took command of the USS Endeavour the first time, one of our first missions was to look into the disappearance of the USS Excalibur. We were then ordered to the Delta Quadrant, in early 2400. We travelled through the wormhole near the Chloran homeworld right into hostile forces, the Klael and the Kanterri had their eyes on Cyrga, the wormhole and us. The Klael bypassed our security measures onboard ship, kidnapped me and escaped.”

Korin’s face grew concerned. She continued.

“My crew realized too late they were being misled. Captain Romyev corrected the mistake and set course for Cyrga and to my rescue. A small AT was beamed onboard the station here, located me, secured the station from the inside and faced down the two factions. A wary neutrality was established but it also required our presence to keep it.” Cerywyn frowned and turned to look at Rubrik. “I take it things have changed?”

He nodded. “Unfortunately.”

She looked up at Korin. “That’s the short version. When there’s time we’ll have a more detailed conversation.”

Rubric chuckled lightly and looked at Admiral Korin. “Have you noticed that the Emissary does that when she doesn’t want people poking about?”

Korin turned his attention to the pale guardian. “Yes, it’s an annoying habit in many females.”

“Truly?” remarked Rubric. “The Emissary is quite talented at it.”

Cerywyn folded her arms across her chest. “We don’t have time to go into detail. Essentially, the arrival of the crew here, in particular myself, the station began to awaken. Rubrik and his kind gave my crew all kinds of fright, unintentionally mind you. I was. . . introduced if you will” she said eying Rubrik, “to the sentience of the station.”

“Why you?” asked Korin.

Before Cerywyn could answer, Rubric replied “Because she is the Emissary.”

Cerywyn shook her head. “They” she said pointing to Rubric “were always about. For there to be only 8 of them, they always lurked just out of sight. Being on the station was difficult to say the least. There was a constant presence of being watched.” She looked up at Korin

“Don’t you feel it?” He looked puzzled for moment and then nodded. “That’s not you.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s the station. It recognizes you through me. The others to some extent as well.” Turning back to Rubrik, “Would you please stop referring to me as the Emissary. You know how it gets on my nerves.”

Rubrik shrugged. “It’s inconsequential, but if you wish. It changes naught.”

Cerywyn made a slight “hmph” sound but said nothing as Rubrik explained.

“You’ve been busy Admiral. So have others been. While some saw Starfleet’s presence as a safety net, others saw Starfleet’s presence here and took to their defenses. The Federation’s not so well liked by some and all it takes is one charismatic voice to inflame thousands of others.”

Korin nodded. “That’s true enough, even in the Federation proper.”

Rubrik’s face grew grim. “You’ll find that much changed, Korin ‘Sa. The destruction of Romulus had a snowball effect. For a while, there was chaos. The Romulan outpost in the deeper parts of the DQ sent out ships seeking planets they could strip-mine or occupy. A planet-less people. They didn’t care about the consequence. Just as quickly, their forces decreased but they left behind the weak and infirm – the ones they deemed useless. Angered by the lack of a Federation presence in the DQ when they needed it most, the planets that faced the Romulans and lost needed an outlet for their anger. I’m told that in the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant things have not fared so well either. Skirmishes along the neutral zone territory – members of the Federation have dwindled, lessened – to what extent, our sensors cannot say.” He turned and looked at Cerywyn “At the moment, such splinter groups are spreading discontent and ill will. Cyrga, unmanned as she is, can only do so much. She has girded herself in metal, but much is unusable without crew.”

“It looks like we’ve gone from the frying pan to the fire” Cerywyn said to Korin.

He smirked. “Well, it’s not the first time that’s happened, for either of us. I suppose we should begin with seeing what this hunk of metal...” The lights in the room dimmed slightly as he spoke. Cerywyn raised an eyebrow. “You might do well not to offend her...”

“How does ....this work?” he said motioning to the room.

“For the most part, the station is what the station is. A Starbase. The majority of the crew will not notice any difference. But, the ones with any type of psionic ability, even latent, will feel as if they’re being watched. At least at first. The feeling diminishes as the symbiotic nature stabilizes.” Cerywyn thought for a moment. “Do you remember when I first joined the Whitestar and you learned just how strong my empathy was and how deeply connected I was to the crew? Well, the station functions much like I do, aware, but not intrusive nor will she violate anyone’s personal boundary, physical or mental.”

Looking back at Rubrik. “We have our work cut out for us, it would seem and what we need now is information....on what’s going on and where. More importantly, it might be a good idea to explain that we’re not dead.”


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