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The Beginning of the Beginning, Part 2

Posted on 06/16/2020 @ 8:56pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: The Klae System
Timeline: 242006.06

======On the Asimov=======
Jissa was monitoring the movement of the ship from inside the Klae system. Jissa could see that she was no match for the ship heading her way. For the moment, she was hiding in orbital sync with the asteroid she was hiding behind. If luck was with her, they'd head in her direction, find nothing and go about their merry way. She shrugged. She'd had worse odds than that. Someone in her line of work was bound to have such moments. Her vessel was made for speed and maneurverability with little weapons capability at all. She'd cut all but minimal life support systems hoping the asteroids drift would her play a winning game of cat and mouse. She was used to being the cat however, and not the mouse.

========Onboard the Klae vessel=========

Kring strode over to the helms console, grabbed the servant that was standing at the console and roughly shoved him out of the way. "If I have to do it myself, I have no need of you" he snapped. The unnamed servant swallowed hard and stook a submissive posture toward Kring's left. Kring scanned the area, his scowl growing darker. "Where did that vessel go?" he snapped. "Locate it, NOW" he barked. The unnamed servant nodded, and resumed scanning the area. The ship was there one moment and not the next. He scanned the area ahead for debris thinking perhaps someone had thought it would be noble to die rather than to get caught by Kring. The asteroid field at the edge of Klae system often intefered with sensor readings and the blip Kring had picked up might be nothing more than space dust. He was, however, in no position to point that out to Kring.

Kring paced with unfettered irritation. He had risen to power in the militant order through guile and savagery. His reputation preceded him wherever he went and there were few who dared speak against him. If they did, they rarely survived the challenge. Kring was feared for his sadistic nature and he enjoyed the pain he inflicted on others and the years had not mellowed that side of him. If anything, his encounters with the outsiders had only enraged him more. Every chance he got when took to the synod floor, it was to denounce the decision of the others to stay within their own borders. Why should they when there was the vastness of the Delta Quadrant to do their bidding. They were meant to subdue and control. Expansion had been haltered when that woman....that tiny, pathetic woman and that accursed station had dared to prevent him access to what was rightfully his. Everyone knew that Cyrga was different. The station resonated with a power unlike the Klael had ever seen before. As such, Kring had determined it would be his. . . and then she had showed up. He'd had her in his hands. He'd felt her flesh tear under the assault of his attack. He'd seen her face purple and bruised, her arm broken....and yet she'd still refused to yield. All these years later and it felt like yesterday. She had defied him. A mere woman, not even a warrior, had defied him even to her own pain and destruction and then before he could break her she'd been snatched from his grasp. A slow growl rumbled from his chest as he paced. "Well?"

The unnamed servant shook his head. "There's nothing there. . . "

Kring's jaw tightened, his eyes narrowed as he snarled. "Find!"

===========Meanwhile on the Tykarian Battleship Xanthe======

Lord Kellan monitored the viewscreen as his ship edged ever closer to the two moving blips on the screen. One was clearly a Klael vessel but the other was smaller and lighter - built for speed, but outgunned in a head to head confrontation. His tactical officer looked over his shoulder at his captain. "The Klael vessel no doubt has spotted the smaller vessel and has altered course." Kellan swore. There had been reports of Klael raids on several smaller planets that bordered the Tykarian empire. They were usually unsuccessful raids, an annoyance rather than a threat. Either way, the Klael were back to flexing their muscles in recent years and there were at least two non-aligned colonies that fell under joint guardianship of the Tykarians and Cyrga - that had not been so lucky. The smaller vessel that had drifted into Klael space was where it shouldn't be. Kellan could ignore it, but he wasn't a barbarian nor was he so arrogant to think that all it took was one small ship to start a war, especially one no one wanted.

Kellan nodded to Darren, "Can you lock onto the lifesign on the ship?"

Darren nodded. "Aye, we'll have to time it carefully though. The smaller vessel is trying to evade the Klael systems. They obviously don't know the Klael or they'd not have made the attempt."

Kellan grimaced before he replied, "Unfortunately, we can't take the risk and do nothing. I'd rather the Klael capture an empty vessel than the foolish person stupid enough to enter their space."

"We'll be in range in. . . .5, ...4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1" called out Darren. Kellan didn't miss the mark. He activated the Xanthe's transporter himself. Seconds later the young woman solidified on the bridge of the Xanthe "Who do you think you are... Put me back...right now" she shouted. Her face was splotchy and red with rage. Kellan raised an eyebrow. "You're welcome. Now, if you'll look at the screen in front of you. . ."

=======Onboard the Klael vessel==============

"Captain. We located the ship. . .there's only one life sign. . ."
"Origin?" snapped Kring.
"Unknown. It could be one of those Feddie ships.... but it has no marker."
Kring glowered. The unnamed crewman wished the floor would open up and swallow him. Death might better than that glare. "Lock weapons on the vessel. No warning. Fire when ready."
The crewman said nothing as he deftly did as he was told, launching a volley of torpedos at the ship which had unsuccessfully tried to hide in the orbit of large meteor. Moments later, the blast filled the screen.

==============Onboard the Xanthe===========
Jissa was livid but all the color drained from her face and her rage lost its heat as she watched the Asimov explode. She averted her gaze for a brief moment, her body tense. Had she escaped one disaster only to find herself in another one. Lord Kellan motioned to his Medowyn who sat at the helm. With an incline of her head, she laid in a course that would take them toward Cyrga.

Kellan eyed the young woman up and down, his face unreadable. He had no weapon and no one on the bridge had moved towards her. She stepped forward. Kellan raised an eyebrow. "A thank-you wouldn't be amiss at this point."

Jissa's eyes narrowed. "Not likely. You just kidnapped me off my own ship..."

"Which was clearly in Klael space. I could have left you to them and this conversation would be moot" finished Kellan as he took his seat. "Why don't we start with your name. . .We've got a couple of hours before we reach the outer rim of Cyrga's provincial arm."

Jissa gulped and her eyes widened.

"I've already gotten the information I need" replied Kellan. "Unlike Starfleet, Tykarians don't have any qualms of picking through your thoughts Captain Tanner..." The derision dripped from every word. Kellan was an honorable man and he did not like dishonorable people. Everything he picked up from the young woman's surface thoughts bespoke the fact that she was a pirate of her own ilk and motivated by the profit to be made. Contrary to what he said, he didn't probe any deeper than surface baggage which flitted like ephemeral feathers in the air between them. Her body language and posture didn't help her any.

Jissa glanced around the bridge. "Why are you taking me to Cyrga?" she asked.

"Because they'll have to decide what to do with you. It's their directive you've violated. You ignored every warning beacon within light years of the Klael system. Those warnings aren't to be dismissed. Your life might be worth very little if you'd risk it only for . . . profit" remarked Kellan. The doors to her left opened a moment later. "Could you please escort Captain Tanner to the brig. Make her comfortable until we arrive in range of Cyrga's scans and I can send out a hail for a vessel to meet us and pick up....our pirate." The two officers nodded smartly, formed up on either side of Jissa and motioned to the door.


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