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"Strange Feelings"

Posted on 06/28/2020 @ 11:31pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn
Edited on on 06/28/2020 @ 11:52pm

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Admirals Office
Timeline: SD 242006.20

J'Tagh was deep into the major power distribution nodes, when she felt what she thought was a presence. It wouldn't be the first time this happened but it unnerved her. She almost dropped the spanner which would have pissed her off drastically. As she continued, "Hey Chief, what do you want us to do with these replicators? Store them or recycle them?" Smithers said.

Catching her off guard, she did in fact drop the hyperspanner, "What in the name of Kahless are you thinking, store them you .......", she never finished the sentence as she felt that same feeling. Now she was going to go to the Admiral and find out why she kept getting that feeling.

Arriving at her office, she hit the door chime and waited patiently.

Lt. Grace looked up from her desk as the door chimed outside the Admirals office. She looked down at the blotter and frowned slightly. No one was schedule, not that it mattered, but it did mean someone was going to be a put out. Laying aside her work she called out "Enter" and the doors slid open.

As Grace had recently seen the woman's personnel file, she recognized her as the rather new CEO for the station. She motioned to the chair across from her desk. "How can I help you, (lt) commander?"

Addressing the Lieutenant, "I need to see the Admiral urgently. Something is strange here on the station and it is unnerving me", J'Tagh said unevenly. Her tone of voice dictated how upset she was.

Lt. Grace had been the Admiral's yeoman for quite a while and this wasn't her first go 'round with Cyrga. She raised an eyebrow and motioned to the empty chair. Grace was mentally ticking off the personnell files in her head. One of the reasons Cerywyn and Grace worked so well is there was very little Grace missed and she didn't forget anything - an eidetic memory was both a blessing and a curse. Right now, she was thankful for it. The new CEO was a hybrid Klingon/Betazoid mix. Grace knew she'd been selected not just for her ability but because of her lineage. "Please, take a seat. The Admiral was called out of her office about thirty minutes ago to a holo-meeting with Starfleet Command. I can hear that you're quite upset. Could you please elaborate on the cause of your distress. I can't just go interupt her but *I* may be able to help you, but I do need a bit more information."

Sitting down, "It's just un serving to suddenly sense a presence, but not from just one person. It's almost....well...almost like being surrounded by a living being. I know it sounds crazy but at one point I thought I heard.....well.......felt joy, happiness?" J'Tagh said. "How is that possible?" she added.

Grace nodded. "I see" she replied. "Well, the correct answer is that you are onboard Space Station Cyrga. They don't come much stranger than this. Second, what you sensed is most like the station itself or the guardians but I doubt the latter. They typically confine their interactions with (f)Admiral Cerywyn." Grace leaned back. "The station has a sentient awareness which can sometimes be brushed against by those with even a mild empathic or telepathic ability." Grace had heard Cerywyn make this speech on several occasions. "I will caution you, however, as would the Admiral, not to backtrace what you feel. Cyrga has to get to know the presence of each officer on board and for 99% of the crew, they'll never notice. Then there are those like you who might feel something. It's akin to being watched all the time but not being able to see the watcher." Grace shifted in her chair slightly. "The Admiral usually recommends that those who get that feeling reinforce their empathic or telepathic shields. She likens it to a doorway or a wall - either way a mental barrier." She frowned slightly. "I will tell you this, if you try to follow the link back, the station could very easily decide you were a threat and you might find yourself in sickbay at best or out the nearest vent. For the moment, focus on your work. The central nervous system of this beautiful machine is very much sentient, but it's skeleton and exoskeleton are very much not."

Grace looked up as the doors to the office slid open and the Admiral walked in. She pushed her chair back to stand, but the Admiral waved it aside. "As you were." Grace pointed to Lt. Commander J'Tagh and quickly explained what had brought the new CEO looking for her. When Grace had finished she held a silent breath. Cerywyn nodded. "Exactly so, Lt. Well done." Grace couldn't help but beam slightly. The Admiral took a seat beside J'Tagh. "You must keep a light barrier in place. If you don't, the feeling of being watched can be quite unnerving and it can be distracting. When you're working on a delicate behemouth like this, you can't afford a distraction."

"Actually Admiral now that I know what I am feeling and sensing it should not be a problem. I just wanted to know if I was finally going crazy. Coming from a starship to a station of this type is certainly an honor and if you know anything about me, you will find I treat this lady with the best of care", J'Tagh said smiling finally as she relaxed. "I am so sorry if I disturbed your meeting" she added feeling a bit silly.

Cerywyn shook her head. "The meeting's done or I wouldn't be here" she said. "You do the best job you can. That's all any good CO can ask for." She stood up and looked at J'Tagh. "There's no need to worry that you're a bother. I knew as people settled in there would be a handful that might sense the sentience here. I also trusted them to come here before they reacted. So in that, you did exactly what you needed to do." Cerywyn looked at Grace. "Not bad, Lt. Not bad at all." She straightened. "Now, I think we all have work to do, don't we?"

"Yes Admiral, and it seems to be a ton so thank you for your help and understanding" J'Tagh said, as she turned and headed for the door and engineering.


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