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An Unexpected Delivery

Posted on 06/21/2020 @ 10:09pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant
Timeline: 242006.21

Since waking up and finding herself back in the last place she’d ever really thought she’d be, Cerywyn, Fleet Admiral Cerywyn felt like she’d been doing nothing but running from one meeting to the next. So many adjustments for all of them to make, but so far everyone was doing as good as could be inspected. How they managed to keep from flying apart at the seams, only the divine could answer. One startling revelation after the other. At least the people that were here were people she could trust to do their jobs. Captain Konhua had been overseeing the crew assignments of new arrivals to the station. Each of those new arrivals had been specifically chosen because they were uniquely suited to working in unexpected places. Korin was overseeing the Legion activities. As unflappable as ever, he had taken Legacy, in stride. They’d had a chance to talk over a quickly grabbed breakfast. He was making shifts to allocate Legion forces appropriately. As for herself. . . she’d just finished a very long drawn out meeting with Starfleet Command and the Federation President.

=======Flashback to the meeting============

“What do you mean...I’m it?” asked Cerywyn to floating heads before her.

“Exactly that, (f)Admiral. You’re most suited to the job. You have a proven track record in that region of space ...” the Starfleet commander’s voice trailed off. At which point the Federation president spoke up. “We need to retain the foothold we have there. We’ve been...remiss...”

“Remiss?” Cerywyn’s voice edged higher. “Remiss? You think your actions and Starfleet’s have been remiss? I’ll have you know that it’s just short of chaos on this end.” She stopped short of sputtering. Politics grated on her nerves. “And the Legion? Korin ‘Sa and the others?” she asked.

“Will be afforded the same latitude, fleet access as he had when he was Starfleet Commander. Between the two of you. . .”

“You expect a miracle or ten” she said sarcastically, shaking her head.

“We’re still waiting on a full report from you regarding how you go there, (f)Admiral” replied the SFCO.

She shrugged and replied, shaking her head, “I can’t write what I don’t know.”

“How can you, of all people, not know?” interrupted the Federation President.

“It’s not like anyone asked my permission, or Korin’s or the Legions. We all knew when we set things in motion in the Beta quadrant to deal with Omega one and for all, that it was a one-way trip. NONE” she emphasized, “none of us were expecting this outcome.”

“Just be glad we hadn’t declared you all dead.” Cerywyn smirked. “You don’t get off that easy” she said, allowing the tension of the moment to dissipate a bit.

“Still, we are going to need reinforcements. I’d prefer to have those I’ve requested. It just makes things easier when you’re working with people you know and who know you.”

“Agreed. We’ve already notified the ships in question. We’ll have to stagger entry into the Chloran wormhole. It’s a beast to traverse on a good day and readings of late have indicated a stability we can’t isolate.”

Cerywyn nodded. “Understood. If there’s nothing else. . . “

The two to whom she was speaking shook their heads and she closed the transmission. She looked around as the holo-link faded.

==========Back to the Present=============

She hadn’t really known where she was heading until she felt the tentative brush of awareness against her personal shields. She looked up, startled to realize she’d wound herself deep into Cyrga’s labyrinthine maze taking her to the one place she might find answers. This part of the station was off limits and practically impossible to find – the heart and soul center of the sentience.

She reached out her hand as she had all those years ago and felt as if all the barriers between everything she knew as real and not real fell away, disappearing like motes of dust in the air. Time and space and distance were but tendrils of ephemeral substance that lifeforms needed to order the chaos of the void. How could she ask such a power so simple a question as {{Why?}} and even fathom that she might get an answer she could understand. Images were impressed upon her consciousness at first leaving behind echoes of joy and laughter but as the onslaught of images continued the tenor of them changed. She could feel herself slipping into the currents of fear and pain and terror before Cyrga shut the door and Cerywyn found herself staring once more at that which she could only fathom at the minutest of levels. Her hand dropped to her side and a quiet sigh escaped her lips.

{{I’ll walk you back, Admiral}} replied Rubric’s familiar voice. Cerywyn turn, startled. “I didn’t hear you...” She stopped whatever it was she was going to say and instead replied, “After you.” About ten minutes later, they rounded a bend and she could see the familiar impression and the almost imperceptible seam of the turbo lift doors. Rubric’s steps stilled as Cerywyn walked forward and stepped into the lift. As the doors closed, she glanced upward as if to say something only to find the corridor empty.

++taps++ Admiral, there’s an incoming transmission for you.
++taps++ “From?”
++taps++ From the data we can decipher, it appears to be a Tykarian vessel, the Xanthe.
++taps++ Tell them I’m on my way. I should reach the command center in a few minutes.
++taps++ Understood, Admiral.

About ten minutes later Cerywyn stepped onto the stations command platform, “Open the hailing frequency, lieutenant.”

The view screen perspective changed giving way to man’s chiseled face. For a brief moment, memory tugged at her once more. Why she’d thought of Kaylin, she didn’t know. The man in front of her bespoke a family resemblance of some sort or perhaps they all shared similar genetic makeup.

“I hear you asked for me?” she remarked.

The man inclined his head. “I did. At first, we were not certain if our data was correct. It’s always nice to be proven right.”


“I’d like to handover one Jissa Tanner. If we’d been a moment later, the outcome would have been much different and all you’d be getting is ashes.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Lord Kellan, I don’t have time for games...”

“I assure you, this isn’t a game. We located a vessel on long range scans. Since the ship was drifting into Klae space, we considered the options and intervened.

By this point, Cerywyn’s conn officer had split the screen so Cerywyn could see the incoming data file from Kellan regarding the incident. She flinched slightly when the ship exploded.

“Pirate?” she asked.

Kellan shook his head. “I’m not sure Admiral. I chose to leave the questioning to you, since the vessel originated in Federation space.” He smirked “Besides, that means you own me, now.”

She raised an eyebrow. “We’ll see” she replied. She cut the transmission. “Notify Lt. Senn’Joss to send a security detail to security transporter room 12.” The bridge officer nodded. “Have him bring our ‘guest’ to Fleet Command. Also, notify Captain Konuha of what’s going on” replied Cerywyn as she stepped into turbo lift again.


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