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Escort a Guest

Posted on 07/03/2020 @ 12:31pm by Lieutenant Senn'Jos & Captain Rufus Walker

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Various

========== Main Security Office ==========

Senn'Jos was sitting in her Office and was reviewing the stations specs and the duty rosters of all the security personnel. Security on any station was a pure nightmare, but she wanted everything to go smoothly. She also had the files of several others that she wanted to take care of Security sub-stations on the station so she can be on the beat more. She was almost finished with her assessments when she got a message to send a security detail to security transporter room 12 and escort the guest to Fleet Command.

She stood from behind her desk and looked at the Armor rack that was currently holding her Breen style uniform. She wanted to wear it, but she didn't feel that at this time it was right for this escort job. She headed out and called a few other officer and headed out of the Security Office and headed for the Transporter Room 12.

========== Transporter Room 12 ==========

She and her people walked into the Transporter Room and nodded for the Chief to bring in the Admirals 'Guest'. Once the transport cycle was finished she stepped up to the person. "You will come with us." She said placing a set of wrist restraints on the person. She started to escort the person out of the transporter room.

The transporter cycle has barely completed before Tanner had been accosted by a Starfleet Security officer who had in her shackles. The Officers led her out of the Transporter Room, into the corridor. Flanked on either side, a Starfleet Lieutenant led the way in complete silence. Tanner jiggled the restraints from side to side, as if she was checking to see if escape was possible, this clearly irked the two officers flanking her as they moved in closer.

"So, why have I been arrested again?" Tanner asked coyly.

The right up to the Fleet Command deck was interesting to say at best. As this was even the first time for to be at this area. She knew that she was going to have to run a laps up here to get familiar with the environment. As the doors open on the deck, she gave the guest a gentle nudge forward as she headed for the Admiral.

"Hey! Keep your paws off me..." Tanner grumbled at being nudged by her escort. "I still have rights, you know! Where are you taking me by the way?"

Tanner walked slowly as the ever silent Lieutenant Senn'Jos pushed her further down their path. This section of the Station was far more plush than the are she had arrived in. Where Transporter Room 12 had been clearly an operational area with very little luxury, this are of the station had the plushest of Starfleet carpets.

'Definitely the route to the Admirality' Tanner thought to herself.

"Admiral Cerywyn wishes to see you." Senn'Jos stated from her mirrored mask. "I was informed to bring you to her as such." She explained. "Also, I don't have paws, as I'm not Caitain." She said.

"Not much of a sense of humour, eh?" She struggled with the restraints around her wrists, "It's an old earth saying. You're obviously not a Caitain... despite the hair."

They continued walking down the route to the Admiral's office. Very much in silence, the odd prod in tieback of Tanner's back.

"I'm not furry either." Senn'Jos stated flatly as they walked towards the Admiral's office. Once the arrived she hit the buzzer. When the Enter came, she gestured to the others to wait outside. She stepped in with their guest "Admiral." She stated to the woman.

Tanner apb Nixon

Lt senn'Jos
Chief Security Officer


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