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Getting Settled - First things First

Posted on 06/28/2020 @ 11:31pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn
Edited on on 06/28/2020 @ 11:55pm

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Fleet Commander's Office, Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrnt
Timeline: SD 242006.21

She'd left Lt. Grace at the desk in the outer office after speaking with the CEO and walked over to the area that opened up into her secondary fleet command space. This space, unlike the station's main command bridge afforded her both command access to the station, but also allowed her to track the entire region of space and the ships allocated to the Fleet and Legion. However, unlike main command, this area, along with her office and living quarters was about to get an extra level of protection. Years ago, her then CEO had develoed an encryption algorithm that worked with the biogel of Commander Beldin's 'daughter' K'Tryna. The process was complex and time consuming to activate and deactivate. She'd deactivated this subroutine on her command area on Versailles, deleted the algorithm and removed the 'goo' to its temporary housing. What she needed to do now was reactivate the process here. She walked through the main office space and nodded to Grace. "I'll be right back. I need to change into something I can make a mess with." Grace nodded. "When I come back through, can you get one of the duty officers to man the desk. I might need an extra set of hands and I don't want just anyone's hands." Grace smirked. "I'm sure Korin 'Sa would be that set of hands..." she let the words trail off. When the Admiral blushed a bright scarlet and said nothing as she kept walking Grace muttered to herself "One for my side." She tapped the console and looked up the next name on the duty roster, Ens. Dias Kelbor.

++taps++ Lt. Grace to Ens. Kelbor
++taps++ Lt. Grace to Ens. Kelbor.

A few moments later, a somewhat groggy reply ++Lt. Kelbor here, ma'am++

++taps++ Report to the Fleet Commander's office now please.
++taps++ On my way.

Ens. Dias Kelbor rolled out of bed, sighing quietly as he looked at the woman beside him. He leaned over and traced his hand along her face. She stirred, leaned her face into his hand and opened her eyes. He smiled. "I've got to report earlier than I'd expected." The green-gold eyes, half open sparkled. "You owe me" she purred softly. He grinned. "I think I can pay off the debt in some fashion or another." By this point Kelbor had pulled on his uniform and smoothed his hair. He leaned over and cupped the small face, bringing his lips down to meet hers. She wasn't going to let him off easily and she made sure the kiss she returned was more than the peck he'd intended. He groaned as he pushed himself away. "I can't keep the Admiral waiting."

Ten minutes later, Kelbor strode into the office and stopped in front of Lt. Grace's desk. "Reporting for duty, ma'am."

Grace eyed him and chuckled. "Sorry to ruin your morning Kel, but I'm getting ready to help the Admiral with some adjustments to the command protocols. Can't leave the outer desk unmanned." Kel shrugged. "It's fine. Charly might not think so, but it is. She'll make sure I make it up to her."
Grace smirked. "I'm sure she will." Grace went over the duty assignments for his shift and just as she'd finished the door to the Admiral's suite opened and Cerywyn stepped out carrying a small container and a toolbox. She was dressed in typical fleet overalls and her hair was tied back. That didn't prevent loose tendrils from flying around her face. "Let's get to it, Grace." Grace looked at Kel, "It's all yours now. In the event that I don't return..."
"Oh stop that, you" replied Cerywyn to Grace. She nodded to Ens. Kelbor. "See to it that we're not disturbed."

Ens. Kelbor nodded. "Yes ma'am."

Cerywyn paused. "However, if Lt. Senn'Joss arrives with a 'guest', interupt us."

With that, she stepped into the command area followed by Grace and the doors shut behind them.

Cerywyn walked over to the panel she needed, set down the tool kit and the container, kneeled down to unlatch the panel and lay it aside. That done, she lay down on the floor and scooted her head inside the panel so she could get to what she needed. Cyrga reached out inquisitively and Cerywyn responded. Reassured the sentience settled....and Cerywyn replied. {{Remember . . .}} "Grace, tapp in command control sequence, alpha fie delta 9894." Grace turned toward the command console and input the numbers she needed. Then she handed the control panel to the Admiral for her palm print confirmation. Cerywyn was mumbling half to herself and half to Grace calling for various tools here and there. {{Alright, Cyrga, you're going to have to let me in}}. What ever it was that Cerywyn was trying to open because the next thing Grace heard was "Well, Finally!" Cerywyn pushed herself out and sat up, motioning for Grace to had her the container. Grace did and Cerywyn unlocked the casing and popped open the lid. The vial of glowing green liquid moved upward almost as if trying to climb itself out - {{Patience...}} She lifted the vial from it's resting place and then lay back down and slid into the panel once more. {{Ok, you too - play nicely. You both have a job to do....}} She lay the vial on its side and the liquid inched its way forward. {{::home?::}
{{::yes::}} replied Cerywyn. {{Remember?}} ::???:: {{Yes. Friend. Protect}} came the reply to which Cerywyn reaffirmed {{Just so.}} As the gel like substance inched its way out of the vial, the sentience that was Cyrga brushed and there was an almost audible ephemeral mental sighing of relief. Cerywn pushed herself up and extended her had to Grace. "Well, help me up?" Grace chuckled, extended her hand and pulled the Admiral upright. Cerywyn turned her attention to the control panel beneath her hands. Alright, you take that station and I'll tak this one. We'll download the algortihm in 5. . .4. . . 3. . .2. . .1. . .Mark."

Grace's hands flew quickly through the data dump as did the Admiral's. The Fleet Admiral's 'Suite" which included the outer office and her living quarters experienced what appeared to be a power blip before returning to normal; at the same time, those same areas disappeared from all internal and external sensors. In practice what happened was those areas were blacked out from internal sensors and would read only as empty storage areas. Physically they were still there but in order for anyone to get at Cerywyn when she was onboard the station, it would require them physically to get at her which would be nigh impossible. "Go ask Kelbor to run a scan of the station and find out what he see's". Grace nodded and walked to the door. The outer area was in night mode which meant the task had taken a bit longer than they'd expected. She nudged the dozing Ens. Kelbor. "Ahem..." He started awake. "Sorry, ma'am." Grace smiled. "It's ok. Do me a favor and run a scan of the station. Anything out of the ordinary?"

Kelbor nodded, tapped the control panel and activated a stationwide scan. Several minutes later he looked at Lt. Grace. "Looks good."

Grace nodded. "now, look specifically for the Admiral's quarters?"

Kelbor did as instructed and frowned when the sensor scans picked up nothing. "I don't understand..." His voice trailed off with a hint of concern. Lt. Grace held up her hand. "It's fine. You weren't supposed to find anything."

Meanwhile, Cerywyn had the USS Concordia do a similar scan externally to confirm all was working as it should. She heard Grace and Kelbor as she walked toward the door herself. She looked at both of them. "and?"

Grace put her hands on her hips. "It's working." Cerywyn noticed that Kelbor was a little wild around the eyes. "Ensign, why don't you log out and go home and get some sleep" replied the Admiral. "You'll feel much better in the morning" she said. "Yes ma'am" he said stifiling a yawn. "I don't know why I'm so sleepy..." He shook his head. He smiled at Grace when she nudged him to the door. "Tell Charly I said 'you're welcome' and she owes me a drink." Kel nodded. "Will do". When he'd disappeared Grace looked at the Admiral. She raised an eyebrow. "Oh, he won't remember a thing beyond reporting for duty."

"Very smooth, Admiral, very smooth."

"I wouldn't be me if it weren't" she grinned. "Now, the real work begins."


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