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The Unwelcome Guest Part 2

Posted on 07/14/2020 @ 12:15am by Lieutenant Senn'Jos & Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Admiral's Office
Timeline: 242007.XX

Lt. Grace had watched the Admiral hurriedly leave and as instructed had left her comm link open. When a shadow fell across her desk. Grace looked up. "Asa! what are you doing here?" The grey haired soft spoken gentleman smiled warmly. "Na, lass, where else be I, but with those who appreciate the finer things in life, like orange spiced tea and homemade meat pies." Then from behind his back he brought his other hand bearing what he knew to be the Lieutenant's favorite, a cranberry orange muffice with a streudle topping. Grace grinned. "Let's see to finding you a suitable shop on the promenade...." An hour later, Asa Breathnach was settled into what would become Asa's Too and she'd allocated him civillian quarters along the lines of "Admiral's chef". Cerywyn was known to skip meals, and she hated the replicator, avoiding it altogether if she could. Asa, however, always made sure the Admiral had tea from the moor and a few pastries or a tray of cold cuts and handpies, kept warm with warming tray. Grace shook her head as she carred the small but heavy laden tray full of the things he knew the Admiral loved and her orange spiced tea. Grace had taken the tray to the Admiral's office and placed it on the Admiral's side table. She was turning to head back to her office when the Admiral entered, her face wan and drawn. Grace was immediately concerned. "Are you alright? Should I send for the doctor?" Cerywyn held up her hand. "No, just very tired." Cerywyn's brow furrowed. "Is that what I think it is?" Grace nodded. "Yes, yes, it is. You won't believe this but Asa arrived on the latest transport!" Cerywyn's eyes widened. She didn't get to finish the thought though because the main door suddenly chimed. Cerywyn sighed. "What is that saying, no rest for the weary? I believe that's Lt. Senn'Joss and our 'guest'." Grace inclined her head as she barked across the anterior office from the Admiral's doorway "Enter!"

As the door slid open, Grace turned and headed to her desk. "You can go right in. The Admiral's waiting for you."

Senn'Jos simply nodded and escorted her guest to see the Admiral. Once they stood before the Admiral's desk. "Admiral." She started as she was ready to jump to the defense of the Admiral if need be.

Cerywyn looked up from her desk. "Ahh, Lt. Senn'Joss. Thank you." She looked over at the 'prisoner' and eyed the woman up and down. She leaned back in her chair, steepling her hands in front of her. "You can remove the restraints, lieutenant, but, if she chooses not to be civil, she can find herself right back in them and escorted to a cell in the brig." Cerywyn watched Captain Tanner's expression go from one of smug satisfaction to shock. Cerywyn looked at Captain Tanner, her own demeanor having turned icily cold as she replied with a clipped tone, "You're lucky I'm more inclined to hear you out than some of my peers. You violated a long standing order and you've put the quadrant at risk. By rights, I can have you shipped to the nearest penal colony to await trial for treason." She pointed to the empty seat. "Take a seat Ms. Tanner; Lieutenant, you can take position behind her chair. I'd ask you to sit, but I know you wouldn't."

Jissa wasn't quite sure what she'd expected but the woman with dark hair and not much bigger than a half grown child was not it. That said, the woman was clearly far from childlike. Rumors of the 'icequeen' might not have been rumor. The woman was all business. Jissa gulped and sat down as the CSEC removed her restraints.

Senn'Jos returned the restraints to the place on her hip. She moved to the chair and shifted slightly while looking at the Admirals guest. That was her unspoken word for the guest to have a seat. Her own expression was unreadable as her face plate went mirrored.

Jissa sank down in the chair, for the first time allowing the gravity of the situation to sink in and it clearly registered on her face. Jissa had never been 'caught' before. Oh, she'd had her fair share of close calls and near misses, but not this....nothing like this. "Admiral, look, I mean..really, it was a careless oversight ..."

Cerywyn narrowed her eyes. "Ms. Tanner - let's get one thing straight. In the Delta Quadrant, there are no moments for 'careless oversight' and least of all in the Klae system. My people have already confirmed the signal buouy marking the boundary and the no fly zone is operational and working. And since I know only a fool would fly on a light craft built for speed and not have operational radar systems. I didn't take you for a fool. Now, if that's all you have to say, Lt. Senn'Jos can escort you back to the bridge. I have work to do."

Jissa gulped as the Admiral picked up the PADD on her desk and began to peruse it carefully. When Captain Tanner did not move, Cerywyn looked over the edge of the PADD, "Was there something else?"

Jissa closed her eyes and let out a regrettable sigh. "I was looking for mineral deposits. I have a client with a specific need and at the client's request, I have been reviewing science databanks. There's an uninhabitable planet just inside the boundary marker with the identified mineral. I'd make a years latinum in one haul."

Cerywyn leaned back in her chair, lay the PADD aside. "Do you have any idea how close you came to being dead? Klae space is off limits for a reason. They are brutal, more savage than many Klingons I know. You, being female, would have been a prize. Women of their species are chattal; women of any other species are less so. If the data I have is correct, you were a split second from being the mouse in a trap that was about to be sprung. As it is, you've now created an incident and if nothing else precipitated one." She shook her head. "For the moment, you're to be confined to crewman's quarters. There will be a guard placed outside your door and transporter/transponder access is monitored. I have your biosignature. Try to leave Cyrga by any means and Lt. Senn'Joss and her officers have my permission to recapture you by any means necessary. Do we understand one another, Ms. Tanner?"

By this point, Captain Tanner was visibly pale. Cerywyn noted however, that her hands weren't shaking and the fright would do her good. Maybe next time she'd pay better attention....if there was a next time. Ceryywn handed Lt. Senn'Joss the PADD she'd been looking at. "There are empty crewman quarters at this level and this one. Station officers outside her door. I'll leave Ms. Tanner in your hands."

"Yes sir." Senn'Jos said pulling the restraints back out. "Miss Tanner, I'm sure you don't with the become the prey of a Breen hunt." She said flatly to the woman as she was getting restrained again. "I'm sure you know how ruthless us Breen can be." Then she turned the woman back out the door. As she had already relayed the Admirals orders to her people outside the door.


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