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Darkness comes

Posted on 07/12/2020 @ 10:46pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Delta Quadrant, rim along the Klae system
Timeline: 242007.XX

~~~~~From inside the Klae system~~~~~

Banyon drummed his fingers on the throne as observed his syncophants through half slitted eyes. They thought him old and doddering. He knew that - but he was far from either. The seeming was intentional and allowed him to gain all kinds of information he would undoubtedly put to use later. He overhead snippets he knew they'd never tell him to his face. He was afterall the emperor and he could do what he pleased when he pleased. His head jerked up quickly, however, and the cacophony of noise surrounding him drew to an abrupt silence when the doors at the far end of the hall opened and General Kring thundered down the corridor. He stopped in front of his lord and bowed somewhat stiffly. Banyon had to bite back the retort that hung on his lips.

"This had better be important, General, for you to interupt afternoon court" Banyon urbanely replied.

"Hmph. We need to talk. Now." barked the General. Were it not for his size or reputation, Banyon would have had such insolence dealt with - he might have even carried it out himself. But, Kring had not become general by accident. He bore each and every scar with honor and dignity - almost as if daring anyone to challenge him. Kring was second to no-one, not even the emperor and he knew it. Banyon waved his hand and the room began to empty until no one remained by Kring, the Emperor and the high priest, Kahu Morehu. Kring strode over to the hidden command console and tapped the controls.

A three dimensional holographic map appeared in the middle of the room. At the center of the map was the intermediate population I star, Klae - hence the name of the planertary system. The largest planet in the Klae system, Karusi, the Black Planet along with several smaller planetoids and two moons maintained an eliptical orbit around the star. The black planet was as volatile as it's people and perhaps has barren. Ebony, dark sand as soft as silk covered the surface of the seismically active planet whose tectonic plates seemed to shift on a whim, sending showers of molten lava erupting for the center. Where the lava flowed the black sand hardened into a mirror black surface make an already arid environment, moreso. The smaller planetoids in the system were home to Kadamitas - the weak, the inferior, the workers - scavaged from conqured lands and forced to labor for the ruling class. Those who did not labor found themselves the pets of the Klael, the warrior class.

"I hope you didn't interupt my proceedings for a lesson in stellar cartography, Kring."

Kring shook his head. "No. I did not." He waited for the map to stabilize. "We pursued an unknown vessel here" he said as he jabbed his finger through the holographic map. There's been increased traffic on communication frequencies eminating from coordinates 3.5.2 in sector J" came Kring's clipped reply. "There was one life sign on the vessel, but it, she escaped us."

Banyon raised an eyebrow, his interest piqued. "She?"

Kring nodded, almost willing to let his Emperor believe it was the she-witch herself but he knew better to be caught in that kind of trap. "Not the one you think. The vessel was old and the designation registry unreadable. It was a ship built for speed and not much else. Had there not been inteference from outside, we could have learned more."

"What kind of inteference?" asked Banyon.

Kring shrugged. "Does it matter? What matters is that I think it's time we begin to move out. Our numbers are good. The 'Federation', "he all but spat, " forces are weak and they are alone. Our resources are growing thin and with each earthquake the Black Planet grows more unstable and less hospitable."

Banyon looked over at the high priest Kahu. "Kahu, you have been silent. What say you?"

Kahu shrugged. "I'm no General, but it would seem to me, that if we are to survive, we must have the resources and space to do so. If Kring says it is time, perhaps we should listen."

Banyon pursed his lips as he pushed himself down from the dais. He strode toward the map and paused, tapping and expanding. "These planet's along this edge, that runs along a trajectory just outside of sector J, and just outside the reach of that blasted station's sensors....can you take them?"

Kring glowered at his King but replied "Yes. They belong to none" he snapped, ignoring the fact that any world could be free to choose its own path and that alliances were not always visible to the naked eye. Banyon nodded. "Good. Let's see if anyone notices...." He turned and headed back to his seat. "Oh, and Kring, make sure that a few escape. We want them to know we're coming. . ."


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