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The reluctant patient

Posted on 07/21/2020 @ 12:37am by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Main Medical
Timeline: SD 242007.XX

She finished her meeting with Captain Konuha and at her insistance Cerywyn found herself walking toward the main medical bay. She'd not yet met the recently arrived Lt. Thrace so she had no idea what to expect. She hoped he'd read her medical file at least. She was, putting it mildly, a most reluctant patient. But, all things considered, she needed to put a face with the name and she needed to allay Hailey's soliticious concern. Being checked out by the chief medical officer would also stave off the inevitable argument with Korin when he found out what she'd done. Out of anyone, he knew the toll traipsing around in the memories of another could have, would have on the tiny woman. She smiled absently to herself. To think, they'd met by happenstance - when he took his first command of the USS Whitestar and she was, to outward eyes, the ship's counselor. Appearances could often be deceiving though as he'd learned first hand. Time and space had taken them on many a journey, often apart, sometimes together and yet indelibly linked by ties that were at times otherworldly and enviable. She smirked.

She strode into the main medical area and looked around. Things seemed to be shaping up and she remembered a couple of requisitions. She hoped she'd signed off on them. As she walked a step or two further inward, her steps were enough to trigger the medical sensors. "Welcome to main medical" quipped an oddly familiar voice as the air in front of the Admiral shimmered into the holographic interface. "Hello Admiral. Could you please state the nature of your visit." Cerywyn raised an eyebrow. "I'd like to see Dr. Thrace please. If you'll note, I did send him a message that I was coming."

The holographic interface paused and then quipped. "I've notified Dr. Thrace. Please, take a seat. He'll be with your shortly." Cerywyn nodded and walked over to stare out the viewing portal, trying to puzzle out why the holographic interface seemed a bit lackluster. She muttered to herself. "Maybe I should send the CMO that file...." she mused to herself.

Cerywyn waited for a bit, alternating between sitting and pacing as the time ticked by. She wasn't a patient patient even on the best of days and after recent days, she was perhaps less so. Just short of leaving the medbay, an exasperated nurse with flushed cheeks and a thin bead of sweat on her forehead came around the corner stopping short and quickly before running into the Admiral. If her cheeks could become anymore scarlet with embarrassment, they did. "I'm sorry, Admiral. We had an emergency onboard one of the transport ships that just docked." Cerywyn frowned. "From the Federation?"

The nurse shook her head. "No ma'am. This ship was headed back to known Federation space - having just completed a mission in the narrow expanse between the Kazon and Hirogen homeworlds. It could have been much worse. As it was, a few broken bones, some 1st and 2nd degree burns and bumps and bruises."

Cerywyn nodded. "I see. Do I need to reschedule?"

The nurse smiled. "No, actually, I'm a nurse practitioner, so if it's nothing major, I can give you a once over and get you on your way. I'm Mima Clare", she said extending her hand. "I don't believe we've officially met."

Cerywyn inclined her head and extended her hand. "Nice to meet you as well. Do I detect a faint Welsh note in your dialect."

Mima's smile broadened. "Yes ma'am, although I've never see the Welsh countryside, my ma and my da have a brogue so thick I sometimes need a universarl translator."

Cerywyn couldn't help but laugh at that. "I know what you mean" she replied, stepping behind the curtain and sitting on the biobed.

"So, what can I do to help you Admiral?" asked Mima.

Cerywyn quickly explained what had happened with Captain Konuha finishing with "I feel just a bit more fatigued than normal and it was a rather routine..." she frowned. "Well, it wasn't routine, more of a necessity in the moment. It's not the kind of thing one does lightly."

Mima nodded. "I see from your medical file, you're prone to pushing yourself harder than you push your subordinates...While admirable, Admiral, you're not much good to anyone from in here."

Cerywyn grimaced slightly. "My XO and a number of other people have said as much on an number of occasions. Hence why I came here."

Mima had already activated the biobed controls while they'd been talking. "Your blood pressure is slightly elevated Admiral and your cortisol levels are a bit low. I'd say that you've got a good case of "overwork and under rested" going on. What you need is a good 6 hours of sleep and regular meals." Mima lowered the controls and looked at the Admiral. "Unless you specifically request, I'm not going to prescribe anything for sleeping until you first try a nice cup of chammomile tea. Try fruit and yogurt for breakfast or a breakfast of your choosing, but something - not a empty plate."

Mima turned around to look in a cabinet to which Cerywyn promptly crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue quick to school her expression into neutrality before the young woman could turn around. "Is there anything else?" Mima asked.

Cerywyn shook her head. "No, not really." She paused for a moment before letting the curtain fall behind her. "You might want to have engineering look tat the EMHs protocols. Roslyn's been deactivated for some time and when she shimmered into view earlier when I entered main medical, her subroutines seemed a say the least. Also, please convey my regard to Lt. Thrace."

Mima nodded. "Will do Admiral. We're all still getting settled. I'll make sure he knows."

With that, Cerywyn turned and headed back towards the fleet command area and her quarters.

OOC Note: Lt. Daryk Thrace may not be joining us - not from a lack of willlingness on his part, but more like some RL issues (he broke his ankle and had to have surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts for the time being.


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