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Assignment - Legion

Posted on 07/15/2020 @ 2:40am by Admiral Ian Korin

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: IXL Whitestar - Flagship of IXL | Stellar cartography
Timeline: 240007.xx

Stellar cartography, IXL Whitestar.
It was a gathering of ship commanders and higher command officers, which included Korin, T’Albert, J’Radk, Beldin, Boyington, and Legacy’s Avatar, Lexi.
A hologram of the mapped systems of the Delta Quadrant was displayed. “The data has been provided by Cyrga,” Korin said to the assembled. “While the data has greater detail than Starfleet/Klingon/Romulan and Legion libraries, it is still incomplete or current.” Korin paused, then began slowly pacing back and forth. “If we are to be effective, the Legion will be required to chart the Delta Quadrant, remapping several sectors. It is also be necessary to adapt tactics and strategies. All ships have or will have new data uploaded to library computers. Captains T’Albert and J’Radk have forwarded information to your PADDs. Forward the information to your groups. Dismissed.”
J’Radk raised a hand. “Merrick, R’Noc.” A male Human and female Romulan turned back from the other exiting officers.
Korin and Boyington drew closer. “Captain Merrick. Captain R’Noc,” Korin spoke to the pair and motioned to Boyington. “This is Colonel Boyington.”
R’Noc nodded. “I remember the Colonel, Admiral. It is a pleasure.”
Korin continued. “The Legacy is being re-integrated into the Legion, so the Storm and Stellarhawk are being assigned to her wing.”
Lexi walked up. “Excuse me, Captains. To answer your question ‘Why?’, with the new duties of the Legion, to ensure that we maintain standard patrol protocols, the Legion will maintain three ships wings. Your new assignments are based upon the recommendations of Commander Beldin and Captain J’Radk.”
Boyington grinned. “So, Captains. Thoughts?”
Merrick and R’Noc looked at each other, then to Boyington. “I think I speak for both us,” Merrick finally responded, “We are honored, Colonel.”
“Then, Admiral,” Boyington spoke to Korin, “with your permission, I will meet with my wing Captains and their XOs on the Legacy, so we can become more familiar.”
Korin nodded, “Dismissed.”
Beldin slapped J’Radk on the shoulder. “I need you to help me with some new crew assignments for this ship the other boss has for me.”
“Do you even know what the ship is?” asked J’Radk.
Beldin looked at Korin questioning. “Don’t ask me,” replied Korin. “I’m not certain she knows…yet? I suspect Cygra has something in mind she hasn’t shared yet.”
“She?” noted Beldin. Korin nodded.
J’Radk headed for the doors. “Let’s go Mister McGoo.”
Beldin mocked offense, “Now, you obtained a sense of humor?”
T’Albert was chuckling after the pair left. “He is right. J’Radk has finally developed a sense of humor.”
Korin’s commbadge chirped. +taps+ “Korin here.”
+comm+ “Admiral, you have an incoming message. Priority One.”
+taps+ “I’ll take it here.”
+taps+ “Negative, Admiral. Sender request you take it in your Ready Room.”
Korin’s brow arched. +taps+ “Admiral Cerywyn? Cygra?”
+taps+ “Negative, Admiral. Sender has not identified. Only that you receive communication in your Ready Room.”
+taps+ “Acknowledge.” Korin looked at T’Albert. “Quietly, put the ship on alert and see if you can trace this communication.”
T’Albert nodded. “Should we notify Admiral Cerywyn?”
“No,” Korin replied. “This is a Legion matter. Whoever this is, wants to talk to me. I will be in my Ready Room.”


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