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Open Communications! - - Captain Konuha & Lt. Nyyfs

Posted on 07/24/2020 @ 7:30pm by Captain Hailey Konuha & Lieutenant Adalind Nyyfs
Edited on on 07/26/2020 @ 6:25pm

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: XO's Ready Room
Timeline: 242007.24

=/= Begin Log =/=

While on the Melbourne, they got some RnR at one of the small freelance depots while the Melbourne got some basic repairs done. While there, and like Adalind always did, shop!

Shopping, was such a lovely pastime, especially when it came to haggling with the merchants, again using her unique edge when it came to haggling, either way on her last shopping trip she came across a unique looking PaDD. The transparent hard glossy plastic/polycarbonate material gave it a nice sleek sexy look to it and for whatever reason, this was why Ada had to have it.

The user experience was through touch, proximal motion, and gesture detection. Either way Ada needed to get up, she needed to go meet her new bosses. Quickly grabbing a sonic shower, dressing into the older uniform of a skirt and tunic and the high black boots. PaDD in hand she headed off to find the executive officer of the station a captain Konuha.

Captain Hailey Konuha was pouring over the latest set of personnel that had been arriving on Cyrga. Looking at one specific PADD just stood up quickly from her dark brown leather chair and did a "happy dance" and giggled excitedly. "Computer - send a message to Lt Adalind Nyyfs to report to my office immediately!" Hailey sat back down and gave a push in her chair to cause it spin quickly. "Weeeee!", she sounded gleefully.

Lt Maria Ibarra, Hailey's yeoman for a number of years, heard the commotion and bolted in to her office. "What is going on in here!", she demanded. Hailey looked at her with sparklingly eyes. "We have a Communications Officer!”

Adalind sighed as she stepped off the lift, greeted by security personnel, “lieutenant Nyffs?’ One of them simply asked, Ada just nodded allowing the two officers to escort her across the ops center, and to the executive officers office. “Lieutenant Ibarra, lieutenant Nyffs to see the captain,” the same officer said to the yeoman who sat out in the outer officer.

Of course, she's expecting you", Ibarra said and escorted her into Hailey's office and announced her. "Captain, Lieutenant. Nyffs as ordered"

Hailey looked up from her desk and was genuinely giddy. "Ahh! Lieutenant Nyffs! It is certainly a pleasure meeting you!", she gushed as she made her way her desk to shake the Lieutenant's hand. "Please have a seat", she said and motioned to the conference table off to the side. Lieutenant Ibarra was smiling from ear to ear as Konuha's enthusiasm was simply infectious. "Can I get you anything, Lieutenant?", she offered.

{Great, someone who is extremely perky,} Adalind thought, for her this was a nightmare, but luckily she has had good practice hiding her disdain, “thank you captain,” almost mimicking the perkiness of the captain, “water would be lovely,” Adalind said, as she took a seat.

Lieutenant Ibarra moved over to the side bar and poured a glass of water and set it down in front of the Lieutenant. "I'll be outside if you need anything, ma'am", she addressed Konuha. With that, she left and the door swooshed closed behind her.

Hailey looked at Nyffs and smiled. "I'm sorry for the exuberance, Lieutenant, but you have to understand I haven't had a Communications Officer since we arrived. I've essentially been pulling double duty as COMMS and STRATOPS. So, you'll have to excuse me if your arrival has lifted a weight off my shoulders." Hailey shifted in her chair and took a deep cleansing breath.

"So ..", she started, "tell me about yourself!”

Adalind nodded, “I can imagined how busy communications are, with this being a hub, I do have many things that I believe will help make cataloguing, and dealing incoming communiques easier,” Adalind said with a small smile, as she took a few sips of her water.

“As you have most likely read in my file I am a Betazoid hybrid, grew up on Betazed so I could learn how to control my empath abilities, which was an odd process, but if I wanted to join Starfleet or just be a productive member of society it needed to be done,” Adalind said, also hating this, but also understood why, just hated it.

"We've had a lot of Betazoids in the past .. and empaths for that matter. Fleet Admiral Cerywyn is a well documented one. Just make sure you adhere to the rule of not "reading" someone without their permission." Hailey sat back and measured her COMMS Officer for a moment. She then sat forward in her chair, hands clasped and leaning on her elbows she leaned in and held her gaze. "Tell me, Lieutenant ... what's the one thing you find difficult being on a station compared to a starship.”

Adalind nodded, she was smart enough to adhere with that rule, “of course Captain, I would never dare read someone without their permission,” but the next question pulled her into another direction, “…that is tough to answer, captain. This is only my second assignment, so I am unsure of the differences as of right now.”

Hailey nodded. "Fair enough. I'm sure you'll find some difference that are hard to deal with - and some you'll end up embracing. I will let you know that Cyrga is "different" as far as stations go. You see, this station is sentient. As you are a Betazoid and have significant empathic ability, you may "feel" that someone is watching you. Pay no mind to it, it's simply Cryga taking inventory as it were. All of us with psy-ability experience it from time to time. That won't be an issue, will it?”

“No it shouldn’t, I have gone through several advanced training sessions to learn and how to handle advanced species that communicate telepathically or are advanced in empathic abilities,” Adalind said, “these were added after counselor Troi encountered the Farpoint station and have been adjusted as new species get discovered,” Adalind said with a small smile.

"Excellent!", Hailey exclaimed. She took another deep sigh. "Well, Lieutenant Nyffs, it will certainly be a pleasure working with you." Hailey stood to show the Lieutenant out. "I have a ton of work to get back to, but I do appreciate having a talk with me. If there is anything you need, my door is always open." Hailey nodded her head towards the Betazoid hybrid to signify a farewell and then turned and sat back down behind her desk. "Oh! ... and welcome aboard Lieutenant.”

Adalind gave a simple nod, “Thank you, Captain,” she said as she turned and looked back at the Captain, and with that the Lieutenant stepped out of the office, heading back to her quarters to truly finish getting settled in.

=/= End Log =/=


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