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Unexpected (Unwanted) Guest

Posted on 07/19/2020 @ 2:50am by Admiral Ian Korin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: IXL Whitestar - Flagship of IXL | Admiral's Ready Room
Timeline: 242007.18

Korin and T’Albert stepped off the turbolift onto the Whitestar bridge.
“Admiral on the bridge!” someone called out.
“T’Albert,” Korin said as he walked to the doors of his Ready Room, “you have the bridge.”
“Acknowledged, Admiral,” replied T’Albert. “COMM, secure the channel to the Admiral’s console, and increase scans.”
The doors closed behind Korin and tapped the desk console without sitting. “Korin, Alpha Echo Echo Zero Zero One…authorization Legion One.”
+COMPUTER+ “Authorization confirmed. Secured channel.”
Before Korin could speak, text appeared on the console screen. ++It’s about time. Stand by.++
A distortion began to appear in the center of the Ready Room and a form stepped out of the distortion. As the distortion dissipated, the form of a short man, dress in a rumbled dark suit and dirty yellow overcoat and fedora stood before Korin, tipping the hat and grinning. “Hello, Korin.”
Korin’s eyes widened. “Feldengast? What are you doing here? I thought….”
The little man, Feldengast, placed his hat back on his head, his impish grin still on his face. “Yes, well, I’ve been good according the Council, so they decided to send me on this little errand.”
Korin crossed his arm, his brow arching. “Errand?”
“Yes, dear boy,” replied Feldengast as he began to rifle through his overcoat pocket. “You’ve got to go meet someone.” He began to thrust objects into Korin’s hands. A yo-yo. Empty candy wrappers. A bag of marbles. A musical recorder. A small model of a Federation Magellan-class starship. A slingshot. A warm, half-eaten sandwich, wrapped in paper with the word “Wendy’s” printed several times on it. “Actually, it’s a group of people.” Feldengast produced a crumpled paper and straightened it out and glanced at it. “Nope,” he smiled at Korin, “it’s my signed copy of draft of a sonnet from Bill. Fortunately, he didn’t show it to Lizzy.” Feldengast balled the paper up and shoved it back into a pocket, and produced a small, neatly folded paper. As he began to slowly unfold the paper, he exclaimed, “Ah ha! I knew I had tucked it somewhere.” He handed it Korin.
Korin put the items he held onto his desk,and took the paper. “What is this?”
“Coordinates,” Feldengast said flatly with a shrug as he began to pocket the items on the desk.
Korin looked that coordinates, inputting the numbers into his console. He looked up at the little man. “This is deeper into the Delta Quadrant. Records indicate it to be in close proximately outer most frontier of current Klael claimed territory.”
Feldengast nodded, “Yes, it is.”
“I will need to notify, Cerywyn.”
“No, you won’t. Cygra will take care of that.”
Korin tilted his head, “Explain.”
Feldengast looked up and smile. “No. We are just to go to the coordinates and meet another ship.” Then his face became more serious. “If we don’t…well, let’s just say there will be temporal consequences.”
Korin looked at the little man for a moment. “I will…”
Feldengast’s serious expression didn’t change. “No other ships. Just the Whitestar.”
“You don’t knock down the house just to fix a small hole in the wall.”
Korin’s expression was puzzled. “And that means…”
The little man shrugged. “I don’t know. It just sounded good in my head.”
Korin started to contact the bridge, but hesitated, looking again at Feldengast. “Two questions.”
Feldengast looked that Legion Admiral.
Korin asked, “One, you’re going with us? Two, what do you know of Cygra?”
Feldengast smiled. “Yes, and you’ll have to wait on Cygra to share.”
Korin frowned, tapping the comm. ++comm++”Mister T’Albert, prepare to get underway. Notify Captain J’Radk and Commander Beldin that the Whitestar…” He paused, looking at the little man in his Ready Room. “The Whitestar, and only the Whitestar, has an errand. I will provide coordinates once we are underway.”
++comm++”Shall I notify Cygra Control and Admiral Cerywyn?” T’Albert asked.
“No,” Korin stated. “And Captain, we will need quarters for a guest.”
Korin closed the channel. “Alright, Feldengast. Who are we meeting?”
Feldengast grinned. “I’ll let you when we get there.”


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