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The Past is Present

Posted on 07/21/2020 @ 3:28am by Admiral Ian Korin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: IXL Whitestar - Flagship of IXL | Near border of Klael Frontier
Timeline: 242007.20

“Approaching co-ordinates, Captain,” reported the helmsman to T’Albert.
+comm+ “Admiral,” T’Albert said into the command console.
+comm+ “Korin, here.”
+comm+ “We’ve arrived at the co-ordinates.”
Korin entered the bridge, followed by Feldengast. T’Albert rose from the command chair.
“Sensors?” asked Korin.
After a moment, the TAC officer, a Bajoran Lt, reported. “Nothing on Long-Range Sensors. Nothing on Short-Range.”
Korin looked at Feldengast. “Wait for it,” replied the rumpled man.
“Admiral,” announced the TAC officer. “Sensors have picked up a chrono-tonic distortion field at 4-4-6.”
Korin rose from the command chair. “On screen.”
The image on the main viewer shifted and change, displaying a distortion of shifting colors.
“The diameter of the field is growing,” announced the Deltan LtCdr. “The intensity of chronotons is strengthening.”
“Yellow alert!” called T’Albert. “Raise shields!”
Feldengast calmly produced a pocket-watch from his overcoat, casually opening the cover.
A sudden pulse and the distortion vanished. Instead, an object, seemingly phasing in and out, remained.
“Sensors no longer reading chronotonic energy,” reported SCI. “But, we are reading phasic energy of the apparent object.”
The Whitestar jerked suddenly for a brief moment. “Report!” ordered T’Albert.
“Energy after-shock wave of unknown type,” reported SCI.
“No effect to ship’s systems,” added an OPS officer. “Dampeners glitched but compensated.”
“Phasing of object appears to be stabilizing,” added SCI.
“It’s a ship, Admiral,” interjected TAC. “Computer indicates Federation design.” There was a pause. “Intrepid-class explorer.”
Feldengast snapped his watch closed. “Right on time.”
“Identification?” asked Korin.
T’Albert had moved to the OPS station. His expression was disbelief. “Are you certain?” he asked the OPS. “Confirmed, Captain.”
T’Albert looked first at Korin, then the vessel on the viewer. “Starfleet designation, NCC-74656, USS…”
“Voyager,” finished Feldengast.


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