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Into Darkness

Posted on 07/30/2020 @ 5:54pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn
Edited on on 08/02/2020 @ 4:33pm

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Admiral's Office
Timeline: 242007.26

Cerywyn stared out into the vastness of space. The one thing she truly liked about the behemoth of a station was all the windows that afforded a spectacular view of space. She could watch transport ships dock, shuttles scurry about, and repair crews working on the exterior. No one could say Cyrga was dormant now. In the last few months she'd slowly drifted back to a busy hub of activity. Granted, there was much still left to do and recent events weighed heavily on her mind. She and Korin had spoken before he left and both agreed that while the Legion and SF could do many things, there were going to be situations where stealth was necessary. Commander Beldin had been involved in intelligence gathering for as long as she remembered and was a logical choice to represent the Legion. She'd contemplated Col. O'Bannon, but while he was exceedingly good at the game, he still played fast and loose at times when he shouldn't. No, she knew she needed someone else. Cerywyn had combed through records until she found who she was looking for and she'd sent a request for a meeting. She turned toward her desk and saw the blinking light indicating a waiting message. She walked to the console and sat down. She typed in her access codes and waited for the message to download. She'd been waiting for this. She turned to the concealed panel behind her desk, found the compression points and waited for the bioscan to verify her identity. Moments later, the screen slid up and she activated the voice print controls. Again, a pause while it confirmed her identity. Once complete the Federation symbol appeared and disappeared and a face took shape on the other side. She inclined her head slightly in greeting to the blonde haired blue eyed visage she saw there. She'd read his details in the report and with her clearance level nothing was redacted. She knew that the man she saw had been through hell and back and wore physical and mental scars with both dignity and revulsion. Captured by "the collective" he'd been held prisoner for 2 months along with 41 other prisoners and only 6 were recovered. He was a complicated man, a bit entitled perhaps, according to his records. He was also diligent and hard-working as indicated in those same notes from Starfleet.

"I see you are interested in a new duty assignment, Lt."

"I am indeed Sir" Kevin replied "my previous mission concluded ten days ago and the debriefing finished four days ago. To my surprise, I was given a choice of three mission briefs for my next assignment and I believed Space Station Cyrga was the one that proved the the Starfleet Intelligentsia."

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow at the obsequious but let it pass. "Actually, there is very little about Cyrga that is either obedient and while she is attentive, the servitude probably works the other way around and we who wear the uniform are attentive to her. That's a conversation for another moment. If you're ready for something different, you'll want to be on the next transport bound for the Chloran wormhole. There is another convoy of ships in my roster that are heading this way now that their current mission duties are wrapping up. There are also a couple of supply transports bringing material to flesh out Cyrga's ship building capabilities. It doesn't matter to me which mode of transport you take, just that you arrive on time." She tapped her console and sent a set of coordinates. "Now, the ships enroute here from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants already know this - they get her via the Chloran wormhole. And only so many in a given 24 hour cycle. The ride is far from easy, even on a good day with a good ship. That wormhole is one of the worst there is in terms of turbulence and most of the crew usually have to take something for the severe amount of nausea and vertigo - even if they wouldn't normally be susceptible to such things. Just giving you a heads up. Whether you take the advice is up to you." She paused, looke down at her chrono.

If anything, when Cerywyn was on the clock, she was typically all business. She'd learned a long time ago it was better to be firm and stern from the get go and soften around the edges once she could feel people, especially humans, out. "If you're agreeable, you'll be part of fleet intelligence operations here in the Delta Quadrant. I'd rather not go into the details even on this very encrypted channel. So I'm keeping the chit chat to a minimum and frustrating the hell out of anyone who might be listening."

"I fear you may have gotten the wrong end of what I meant Sir when I mentioned Space Station Cyrga, being obsequious and Starfleet Intelligentsia" Kevin said "I was referring to Starfleet Intelligence HQ being obsequious, not anyone on Space Station Cyrga. If there is anyone listening into this conversation, and they're from Starfleet Intelligence HQ, can they remind my uncle, Lord Marxby, he still owes me three bottles of Chardonnay, twenty three twelve vintage, from the last bridge evening he was at, it doesn't do to leave markers unpaid."

Shifting his concentration back to the Fleet Admiral he continued "I am agreeable with that Sir, thank you and I'll take onboard what you've said about the transport situation and try to get to Cyrga as quickly as I can."

Cerywyn couldn't resist a brief flash of a smile. "Ahh, I see. I'll look forward to meeting you when arrive. Anything you think of between now and then, hold until we're face to face."

"When it comes to playing card games with myself, yes, he does indeed Sir" Kevin replied "but at other games, I'm afraid he has the beating of myself and all others, even the most senior and long serving officers, that's why he's the rank and station he is in Starfleet Intelligence, and we others......" he left the sentence unfinished.

"I don't believe there's anything Sir, unless there are any questions you'd like to ask me whilst I'm on COMM's?" Kevin added.

Cerywyn shook her head. "No, the rest can wait until you arrive. I'll have a meeting scheduled the day after you dock between yourself, Commander Beldin, Admiral Korin and myself."

"Yes Sir, I look forward to starting my new assignment" Kevin replied, closing the link.


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