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Posted on 03/24/2020 @ 4:16pm by Captain Hailey Konuha

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Delta Quadrant
Timeline: SD242003.24

She woke to blinding pain. Hailey's thoughts couldn't break through the pounding in her head or the throbbing of her legs. She let out a moan that reverberated off whatever wall was near only to make the pounding of her head all that more severe. She tried to open her eyes but only found blackness. Lifting her arm to feel for her eyes, she discovered herself to be restrained. "What the hell ...", she started to say becoming both angered and startled in an emotional mix.

"Easy, Captain", said a voice that sounded disembodied to her. Hailey felt a pressure on what she believed to be her left arm and *hissssss* of what could only be a hypospray unit. Immediately the pounding in her skull began to soften as did the throbbing of her extremities. "Take it easy, Captain", the voice said trying to soothe her dander from becoming inflamed. "You'll be fine, but you're pretty banged up. You need to lie still." Hailey felt a light touch on her wrist which made her instinctively flinch.

"Where the hell am I?", she spat out, "Who are you ... what happened on the Concordia? Where's Admiral Cerywyn?" The question streamed off her tongue like water rushing over a waterfall. She move to sit up only for her restraints to tighten and force her back down - making her head pound again. She let out a sound of pain as she wrestled to break free of her "prison".

Hailey heard the swish of doors opening and then a hushed conversation between the disembodied voice and another person. Footsteps approached her direction and she tensed with anticipation of making a strike if her bonds felt loosened. Her Security training was instinctual now and her martial arts was nothing more then muscle memory. "Captain", the new voice began. Hailey recognized it as definitely male as the deep baritone timbre resonated in her ears. "You been unconscious for quite sometime. The extent of your injuries were on par - more severe - than the others. It's taken more time for your body to stabilize." Hailey was about to interject. " .. but never fear, you're going to be just fine." There was a shuffle of movement and then she felt the lightest touch on each temple. "Now, let see what we have here", the deep voice continued.

The sudden light stabbed at Hailey's eyes. "Lower light to 25%", the voice quickly intoned. "Sorry about that, wasn't thinking", he chuckled - apparently to the female in the room. Hailey's vision went from a blinding white light to softened images over the next few minutes. Color began to come back replacing the fuzzy black and white that had been there previously. After what seems 20 minutes, Hailey could see the people standing near her and looked around the room.

It was clearly a Medical Bay, and the individuals Hailey couldn't place as to race or species. She carefully studied her surroundings for a minute and then tested her restraints again as slowly and as unnoticeable as she could muster. {{Just rest ...}} the voice suddenly said. A voice Hailey both knew and was instantly scared of at the same time.

Hailey tried to gather her emotions and contain them. "Why am I restrained!", she called out in demand. "Oh, I apologize for that Captain", said the male as he stepped over. Hailey could see him clearly now dressed in a flowing robe with cone shaped sleeves that he had rested his arms in a folded fashion. "As I stated your injuries were severe. Your back was broken, as well as your left thigh and a dislocated left shoulder. You also had internal injuries too long to go over. Suffice it to say, we barely got to you in time. Luckily the Emissary wasn't as injured and she is doing much better now. She and the others have been assigned quarters and are starting to make repairs to her.

"Her?", Hailey said quizzically. "Who is 'her' and whose the 'Emissary'? Is she is charge here. I need to speak to whomever is in command" she said as she struggled again to break free.

The male looked positively shocked that this human female before him knew nothing of the Emissary. "How could you not know the Emissary? You just asked about her." Hailey furrowed her brow. "I asked about Admiral Cerywyn", she corrected him.

"Yes, I know .. the Emissary", he said confidently. Just then the doors opened and a figure that Hailey knew all too well strode in the room with a familiar looking Klingon beside her. "Well", Cerywyn said. "It's about time you woke up".


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