Understanding your new Environment

Posted on 08/03/2020 @ 3:21am by Lieutenant Adalind Nyyfs & Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: The Black Planet Rises
Location: Quarters
Timeline: 242007.24

=/= Begin Log =/=

Back in her quarters Adalind looked at her belongings, which wasn’t a lot, but enough to keep her comfortable. As she was slowly unpacking, Adalind had to sit and close her eyes, the station or Cyrga was, well like with all first meetings, Cyrga was feeling Ada out.

“Easy, Cyrga, easy,” Adalind said breathlessly, as she felt a weird wave of heat overcoming her, luckily Ada recognized this, “just back off a little,” Ada added, slowly opening her eyes, “…there we go, thank you Cyrga,” Adalind said, not finding this weird at all. Cyrga was sentient after all, now would she speak out loud to the station in public, probably not. Standing up feeling much better she finished unpacking her clothing, and few other things, photos and few other knick-knacks.

Picking up one of the pictures, it was of a male Vulcan, “Imzadi,” she whispered, Adalind rarely allowed that word to grace her lips, it was a combination of too painful, and well Adalind still felt she did not deserve to have him as her imzadi. Symic, was a different kind of Vulcan, maybe not different, more rebellious was the best way to describe Symic.

Shaking her head, Ada sighed putting the picture back down and quickly wiping few tears away, “shit! Come on Ada, pull it together,” Ada said to herself as she walked into the small bathroom to splash some water on her face. Taking a towel Ada dried off her face, sighing she looked around the room, "staying here doesn’t make sense,” she muttered as she grabbed her PaDD, and headed back to operations hoping to familiarize herself with the setup.


Lieutenant Grace had just concluded the equivalent of office gossip with the XO's yeoma, Lieutenant Ibarra. The two were good friends mirroring that of the XO and the Admiral. Grace had to chuckle though with Maria and recounted Captain Konhua's 'happy dance' at the arrival of the new communications officer. Break over, Maria had returned to station operational command and Grace returned to the Admiral's suite of offices.

She turned and looked over her shoulder and saw one of the two security officers ask the unrecognized woman to identify herself. Thankfully, Grace and Maria had just been talking about the new comms officer. Grace back up a bit. "Excuse, me, Ensign Halford, this is the station's new Communication's officer. You might want to be nice to her or she could reroute your outgoing messages to the black hole of subspace," she said with a big smile. "Let her through," and with that Grace walked over to her desk and sat down, looking up when Lieutenant Nyffs stood up across from her. She stood, extended her hand, "I'd apologize for the security detail, but, he's doing his job. I'm Lieutenant Grace, the Admiral's yeoman. What can I help you with?”

“Thank you,” Adalind said, eyeing the ensign her empath walls going up and down as she worked on balancing them to this new environment, “mmm, I feel that is a bit, unethical, which was a bit of a laugh seeing that she got in trouble for something similar to that. “As for the help, I just came up here to get familiarize with my station, and how communications are handled,” Adalind said looking around.

Grace's face was puzzled. "Excuse me? Unethical?" She motioned for the woman to have a seat as she herself took her seat. "I'm not sure I understand what you mean about unethical." Grace's tone had taken on a cool, neutrality.

“The threat of, how did you put it?” Adalind rhetorically asked, before speaking again, “saying that I would reroute his personal communiques if,” Adalind took another minuet to think of what she said, well the truth was more of effect than anything, “….right if he would not be nice,” Adalind said, keeping it light while answering her question.

Grace shook her head. "It was a joke between friends, Lt. And the Ens. Halford knows that. Just workplace banter and you'll need to figure that part out because Cyrga's a long way from anything 'normal' - sometimes it is the humor between us that gets us through . . ." Her voice trailed off a bit.

"As for how communications work, I know you've met with Captain Konuhua. Her report arrived a little while ago, but you will need to speak with Admiral Cerywyn for some nuts and bolts about communications at the fleet level." She tapped the console on her desk. "Admiral Cerywyn, the new Communication's officer Captain Konuha notified you of is here. Is now a good time?"

They both got their answer when the doors opened on the far side of the office and a very petite woman with mostly black hair save for a whie streak in the center stepped through them. She was dressed in blue and silver tunic and fitted leggings. It definitely wasn't the typical Starfleet attire. But then again Cerywyn wasn't the typical StarFleet officer either. Her bearing, however, left no doubt that she was the one in charge. She strode over to wear Grace and the new arrival were seated. She'd already waved at them to stay seated. As she neared she nodded at Grace. "Now's as good a time as we're going to get in the near future." She turned then, leveling a ice blue gaze at Lieutenant Nyffs. "Lieutenant Adalind Nyffs, I assume," she stated matter of factly. She motioned towards her office. "Why don't we talk for a bit." She paused for a moment in mid stride as she'd started back to the open doors. "Grace, hold my calls and unless something is flying apart, keep interruptions to a minimum please."

"Yes ma'am" she said crisply.

Cerywyn walked quickly and stepped through the open doors. "Light's, 30% luminosity." The room brightened and Cerywyn walked over to her desk. There were few items on the desk itself, which bespoke a sense of orderliness and efficiency. There was a small square shaped box with an intriciate design, but everything else on her desk was utilitarian. Behind her, however, were a series of floating wall shelves filled with myriad books, perhaps mementos, photos that appeared to be from a series of ink blots known as Rorschach Tests. The artifacts on the wall were the only personality the room betrayed. Two rounded chairs sat across from the desk, with a table between the two chairs. A pitcher of water and glasses along with a plate of delicate shortbread cookies and scones sat upon the surface. On the corner of Cerywyn's desk was a smaller tray with a tiny ceramic tea pot, pale blue like spun clouds; and two mugs. Cerywyn reached for one of the tea cups, placed her already prepared tea-ball into the cup and poured the hot water over it letting it steep. She motioned for the Lieutenant to take a seat and said ."Help yourself. There's water there or if you prefer hot tea you're welcome to help yourself to the tea. The replicator is to your left if neither of those appeal to you." She leaned back in her chair with her teacup which by now had begun to release a heady scent of orange and cinnamon, a hint of clove and ginger. "How may I help you, Lieutenant? I am guessing you have questions?”

Picking up a cup, and placing some tea in it before pouring the water and letting it seep, and she did have questions but they would remain strictly questions about her duty, “for now it is really just how you have handled all incoming communiques and well frankly how communications work on a sentient station?” Adalind asked, moving the tea around slightly.

Cerywyn nodded. “well, first and foremost, while the station is sentient, she does not make that widely known and typically only those with any type of psi ability ever really notice the odd feeling. She also doesn't intefere with the day to day operations of the station nor does she interact with anyone. She is more like an observer. Additionally, she has a set of handlers, guardians for lack of a better word but they are rarely seen and limit their interactions to myself and Captain Konhua most of the time." She took a sip of tea, savoring it's warm, soothing notes.

Even if she'd not been the well trained psi/empath she was, the woman's body language screamed loudly. There was a stiff formality about her, a tight control - quite vulcanesque for a non Vulcan. Cerywyn recalled the notations in Adalind's personnel file. "We handle communications here as you would anywhere else. You'll be monitoring a very large station and a fairly sizable fleet when we're at capacity." At the moment, Cerywyn wasn't sure she wanted to explain that there were also incoming transmissions that would bypass COMMS completely and were auto-routed to the Admiral for security reasons. Cerywyn wasn't quite sure of Lieutenant Nyffs just yet. Skilled, well trained, yes - good at her job even; but there was something more that urged caution and wariness. Perhaps it was the newness of it all. She finished her tea and placed the cup on the small table between them. "Surely, you have more questions than that. Besides, Captain Konuha would have given you a run down as well. He oversees the day to day station ops. I oversee the fleet operations. If you get messages, you'll route them to Lieutenant Grace.”

Adalind took slow sips, again allowing her walls to remain fluid, finding it was the best thing as of right now as she got used to the station as a whole. The fluidic wall concept, was an interesting one, allowing for small amounts of aura reading but never actually concentrating on a single person, but more of the environment around her. “The IXL or Independent Xeno Legion, could you explain that to me?"

Cerywyn nodded. "The short version is that quite a few years back, things between the Klingons, Romulans and Federation were at plateau point. There had been ain insurrection in the Federation and involvmenet was convaluted. What they all needed at the time was someone who'd already proven he wouldn't play politics but would get the job done. He would also act justly, fairly with all. The concept is loosely based, and I use the word loosely, based on the old Earth French foreign legion for lack of a better word. The Legion goes where neither of the three powers could easily go on their own. They are comprised of forces that at one time or another were part of Starfleet, or served in the Klingon forces or in Romulan, Cardassian...Bolian. Men, women and others from across a wide spectrum whose sole aim really is at keeping the peace, finding the peace that the major powers often talk about but don't enact. The Legion also has some very gifted R/D and science and engineering officers and access to technology that Starfleet nor the other two have. They are a balancing force. " She paused for a moment. "They're answerable to all three powers and yet answerable to none. Korin 'Sa or Admiral Ian Korin, is their commanding officer. He was the SF Commander at the time and now he leads the Legion. His Klingon/Vulcan heritage serves his well. The Legion communications are handled via their lead command vessel. While they send messages to and from Cyrga that you'll have to route wherever; in that regard it will be like any other communication." As Cerywyn had been talking an idea had begun to take shape, a germ of one at any rate. She made a mental note to talk with Korin when he returned to the station. Turning her attention back to Adalind. "You treat them like you would any Federation officer of their given rank."

She paused for a moment. "They're answerable to all three powers and yet answerable to none. Korin 'Sa or Admiral Ian Korin, is their commanding officer. He was the StarFleet Commander at the time and now he leads the Legion. His Klingon/Vulcan heritage serves him well. The Legion communications are handled via their lead command vessel. While they send messages to and from Cyrga that you'll have to route wherever; in that regard it will be like any other communication." As Cerywyn had been talking an idea had begun to take shape, a germ of one at any rate. She made a mental note to talk with Korin when he returned to the station. Turning her attention back to Adalind. "You treat them like you would any Federation officer of their given rank.”

Adalind nodded, as she continued to adjust to Cyrga and the sentience with her typical fluidic walls, taking a few more sips of her tea which allowed her a little bit of time to think, “as you are aware prior to coming here, I had develop a program to help automate the routing of communiques, along with logging where they came from, so if it wasn’t a communique from Starfleet, IXL or any other group we know we can start a trace of where it came from, I would like permission to get that up and running on Cyrga, which I’ll assume would require permission from from it’s guardians and you as well,” Adalind said, her voice staying level and her eyes never leaving the admiral’s.

Cerywyn nodded, "I've read your personnel file from start to finish, including your Academy record. Your proficieny in certain areas definitely got more than the professor's attentions." She paused.

"I think I need to dispel ...perhaps explain better." She furrowed her brows and reached up to absent rub the bridge of her nose. "Cyrga is sentient and other than a very passive scan when new crew arrive, she does not interact with the crew in any capacity." She continued, "You are part Betazoid and part human and while you're a suitable empath, it is not the same as being a full empath. Make no mistake - what you're presently feeling from Cyrga is the most you'll feel from her." She shook her head.

"As for the program, not at that moment. The Pruiians are having enough trouble dealing with going from a semi-dormant Cyrga to one that is 'awake' again for lack of a better word. They are 8 and we are much more than that. Besides, I want to see how you work and due to some recent events, I don't want any automated subroutines running on Cyrga because they're vulnerable weak points. We already know they're weak points because of seveal incidents before you arrived. At the moment, all incoming transmissions need to be vetted.”

"Fair enough," Adalind said, knowing when to backdown, and from the sounds of it it was gonna take awhile for well everyone involved to get used to each other, "are there others in the communication department or should I say StratOps?" Adalind asked hoping there was some.

Cerywyn nodded. "Communication has been something that we've been running through with various officers. You'll find a list of suitable officers flagged for your department. As Chief Comms officer, you should have some say in who you work with. There is a linguist that I would like to make sure you consider, Ens. Geraint Hughes. He could prove useful. Beyond that - set up your people the way that is going to work best. You have a small office near the station's command platform and you'll have a designated area on the command platform itself. Anything else?" Cerywyn asked, standing and extending her hand "If not, Welcome aboard Space Station Cyrga."

Adalind stood, and took the admirals hand, "thank you," Adalind deciding to heck her office and workspace out, before heading back to her quarters or maybe do some more exploring of the extremely unique station.

=/= End Log =/=