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SD 242003.24 FAdm Cerywyn, Captain Konhua and Adm. Korin

Posted on 03/28/2020 @ 12:30am by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Admiral Ian Korin & Captain Hailey Konuha
Edited on on 03/28/2020 @ 8:30pm

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant
Timeline: 242003.24

Before Rubric could speak, his eyes grew distant. Cerywyn waited, impatiently. He smiled slightly and inclined his head to some silent acknowledgement. "It seems the last of your crew is awake, (f)Admiral. Captain Konuha."

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow. "And?"

Rubric frowned "And what?" and then his face relaxed slightly. "Ah, no, Admiral. She's fine. Her physical injuries were quite severe but stasis had given them time to fully heal. She's a bit combative. Could you..."

Cerywyn looked at Korin. "Do you mind if we go back to sickbay? I need to see the Captain." She turned and looked at Rubric. "I'm sure she's as troubled as i was to awaken in a dark room and not know where you are. It's not a pleasant experience."

Rubric nodded. "But a necessary one Admiral, lest with give your presence and that of the others away to those would seek you in weakness, to harm..." His voiced trailed off. Cerywyn's face blanched slightly. "I've not forgotten how I first came to Cyrga, Rubric." There was a flash of pain on her face. K'Irth had enjoyed the pain he'd inflicted on the Admiral's body. Had it not been for Captain Romyev, Koer and E'Dain, she shuddered to contemplate the outcome. She knew she'd stood on the brink and another blow would have made her welcome oblivion. She shook her head to push the thoughts away. The businesslike resolve showing once more on her face as she met Korin's gaze and Rubric. "Lead the way. and then to Korin, and WE need to figure some things out. It will be just as easy in sick bay as here."

=/\= Sick Bay - 15 minutes later =/\=

Hailey couldn't believe that Cerywyn was before her ... and talking no less. She shook her head to make sure she wasn't delusional or hallucinating. "Admiral!", she exclaimed. "Are you OK? What happened - where am I - What's going on here?" The questions started spewing from her mouth again almost faster than she realized she was saying them. Hailey strained to sit up and looked at Cerywyn pleadingly.

Korin stood to the side as Cerywyn approached the half reclining Hailey, he eyes scanning the medical facility. The chirp of his commbadge gained his attention. +tap+ "Korin here."

+COMM+ "T'Albert here, Admiral. Are you ok?"

Korin turned away from the unfolding scene between Cerywyn, Hailey and Rubric. +COMM+ "Situation is nominal for the present, Captain. Status of the fleet?"

+COMM+ "Rattled, but indications of damage to ships or serious injury to crew. What happened?"

Korin looked back into MEDICAL, +COMM+ "When I have a clearer picture, I'll let you know. Korin out." He closed communication before T'Albert could anything else.

Cerywyn waited for the conversation to pause while gently pushing Hailey back down on the bio-bed. "I assure you I'm quite, we're quite real." She smiled reassuringly. "We're on Cyrga. You're safe. For now, that's what you need to know." She looked up at the nurse and the doctor standing nearby. "These people are trying to help you. Let them." She turned and looked over her shoulder at Rubric. "Is station command operational?"

Rubric nodded. "We have a very minimal crew at present and too few command ready officers, but we've maintained all operational necessities. The promenade was powered down, only one or two shops remain."

Cerywyn frowned slightly. "That's better than none. And the flight decks and docking bays?"

"Fully functional."

"Good" she said crisply. "Korin, why don't you head to the flight deck and make sure the ships are all accounted for that were with us before we got here. Cyrga doesn't seem to do anything half way." She then looked at the Doctor "How long before the Captain here can get out of that bed?"

The doctor tapped the controls at the end of the bed. "About an hour or so."

Cerywyn turned and looked at Hailey. "You know, if you'd just listen..." she shook her head. "Alright. Here goes the short version. Legion command at my direction activated the time drive to prevent the chroniton bomb from detonating in and around Versailles. The moment we did so, when we should have been....I'm not sure what...Cyrga seems to have pulled us in a manner I don't know or To the Delta Quadrant. It wasn't without consequence. Time's passed as we healed. . . the SD is 242003.26."

Hailey's countenance was like a mirror into her soul. Confused and unwilling to accept what she just heard she simply muttered, "2420? Admiral? 2420 ... ", and her thoughts faded into a web of questions upon more questions. Her brow furrowed to the point of making her whole forward wrinkle. She breathed in heavily and exhaled a bit shakily. Turning to the Dr she said, "60 minutes, huh? What do I have to do to get out of in in 30?" and then looked at the Admiral with a knowing glance. "I'll meet you in your office in an hour, Admiral. We'll get this station back operational .. just like we did for Versailles." She laid back on the bed and tried to relax. Determination was her only focal point now...determination to get the hell out of SickBay.

The doctor smiled wryly. "We'll see. As long as you lie still. It will definitely make all this go faster."

Cerywyn nodded at the doctor and then turned her glance back to Hailey. "I'll see you in an hour and a half. There are some things I need to do first." She tilted her head sideways at Korin. "I'm sure you have questions. . ."

She looked at Rubric. "I can get back to my office. I think you have your own duties to attend to." The Puriian guardian bowed deeply. "Yes, Emissary, I do." He shuffled soundlessly to the door and disappeared into the shadowy corridor. Cerywn straightened, smoothed down her tunic and motioned Korin toward the door. "Shall we?"

Korin glanced a final time into the MEDICAL facility, then followed Cerywyn. "I sometimes wonder what it would be like to retire." Cerywyn chuckled without looking at the IXL Admiral, "You'd get bored." Korin arched a brow, "Vulcan meditation is not necessarily least not my method." This time Cerywyn laughed, "Yes, but I seem to recall MEDICAL always cringed when you arrived after one of your session." She paused, then added, "And depending on the session, ENGINEERING would need to do some repairs to the holodeck afterwards."
"It was good preparation for more intense moments," Korin replied without a smile. He did wink. As they arrived at Cerywyn's Station Office, Korin stepped in front of the door, "Now prehaps, the Admiral will more detailed to the IXL COMMANDER as to what the hell has exactly happened."


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