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SD 242003.28 Explanations

Posted on 04/10/2020 @ 4:41pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Admiral Ian Korin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Fleet Admiral Cerywyn's Office / Quarters Space Station Cyrga
Timeline: 242003.28

As they walked down the semi-darkened corridors, the mismatched pair exchanged an easy banter born of long years together and apart. Cerywyn somewhat dreaded what was coming. There were some parts of herself she'd kept well protected. She wasn't considered the ice-queen for no reason. She smirked slightly. If they only knew. She caught Korin's wink and in spite of the shadows she knew he'd seen her blush slightly though she said nothing. As they neared the turn ahead, the lighting grew brighter. The station was already adjusting. This area of the station had been set aside for her when she'd taken command, or rather, when she'd contracted the Federation's services for use of Cyrga's shelter. It was actually a series of rooms - a common area in the middle, a waiting room of sorts, well furnished and soft hues of neutral greys and whites. To the left was Cerywyn's "Fleet Office, a smaller more compact version of the command platform with all the access she'd need routed through the system. She was, after all, a bit obsessive about keeping well informed about what was going on and where. To the right, was Cerywyn's living compartment - again, comprised of a living area, a small kitchenette and a spacious sleeping area. Unique to Cerywyn's quarters was the working fireplace and the clawfoot tub. There were somethings she just refused to be without. She'd had all kinds of arguments with various engineers over the mechanics of it all - eventually, out of desperation to get her out of their hair, they complied. The fireplace caveat had been to find a clean burning fuel (and they had). The claw foot tub and walk-in shower weren't nearly so complex. She turned to the right and anteroom door slid open to reveal a ambient lit room, the fireplace blazed in the corner and the room smelled of lavendar and heather. She closed her eyes and sent a silent {{thank you}} to Rubric because he'd be the only one to have known what to do. She'd reinstall the security protocols to this section of the station. She and Cyrga would definitely have to have 'the' talk abgain. She stepped past Korin into the familiarity she'd previously called home. She motioned him to have a seat. She also noted a small wheeled trey, a delicate hand crafted tea pot along with a decanter of altarian water. The pot was steaming hot and the blend of tea when she poured the hot liquid over the waiting cup was the familiar orange spice that she could only find at Asa's. The cart also housed a plate of bread, cheeses and delicately cut meat. "Help yourself to the water. It should be chilled. I doubt Rubric left anything to chance." She curled up on the chaise across from the chair Korin lowered himself into after he'd poured himself a glass of water. She never had to worry about him smelling of whiskey or ale because the stoic man didn't touch either. She lifted her teacup from its resting place and took a long sip. She could only avoid the inevitable for so long. She sighed quietly. "I'm not quite sure where to start. What would you like to know?"

Korin took a sip from his glass, pausing before he finally spoke. "First, I should have a status report on the Legion soon. Second, what exactly is this place? I have seen some of your reports, but nothing that really explained Cyrga. Certainly, I can deduce the station has a sentient presence; not something I am unfamiliar with, but what is Cyrga and where is it, if it is the correct term, and where are we?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "Seriously, weren't you listening when I spoke earlier?" She shook her head. "This place is a space station. I'm sure you know what those are" her voice dripped with sarcasm. Sometimes the man could be down right infuriating. She reached up and rubbed the bridge of her nose and continued. "Cyrga is located in the Delta Quadrant. So, in short, we're on Space Station Cyrga in the Delta Quadrant. In particular, we are in my command suite, onboard Space Station Cyrga in the Delta Quadrant. Current star date is 242003.28. Yes, Cyrga is sentient. If the "it" you're referring to is Cyrga, Cyrga is a female and honestly, I can't tell you exactly where -buried/melded deep inside this framework. The Pruiians are fiercely protective of her and our agreement with Cyrga and with them requires we leave her inviolate. Let's leave it as she's everywhere and nowhere at the same time." She looked down into her teacup. "You know, if I have to pry questions out of you, you'll make this more difficult than it already is. What else do you want to know?" Returning here brought up memories - how could it not - of how she'd ended up on Cyrga in the first place, a prisoner under the torturous hands of the Klael. She sighed heavily. "Cyrga is, as far as we know, the only one of her kind in known space. In the wrong hands, she would be an impressive weapon - but that is not her purpose. Our agreement is to aid in protecting her secret of sentience, to ensure she does not fall into the wrong hands. In return, she provides facilities for the crew and births for repairs. It is an effective symbiotic relationship. "

Korin tilted his head slightly to the right, a brow arched. "Cerywyn." He paused for a moment, then continued. "You assumed I would fully understand the situation. You have a habit of being protective of some things to the extreme at times. I do not recall any information available in Starfleet records of Cyrga. I know you well enough to deduce you utilized your authority and access to scrub any information on this station." He paused again, observing the warning signs Cerywyn began to display. "I have done same on other occasions. It is only logical." She began to respond, but Korin interrupted. "For once, I will finish. I am certain there is much more to your history with Cyrga, and you will provide on the information necessary." He leaned forward, "Ashayam, I heard everything that was exchange; what I require as Admiral and commander of the Legion, is greater intelligence. If this is where the Legion is serve as protector, it needs information to adequately protect Cyrga and the Delta Quadrant. Even the combined information of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans does not even scratch the surface. The USS Voyager mapped only a very small fraction of this quadrant."

Cerywyn caught her lip between her teeth. Korin knew her well. She stood up and walked to the viewing portal, her hands clasped firmly in front of her. Her voice trembled slightly and she blinked the pain of the memories away as she spoke. "Yes, I made sure the data on Cyrga was limited and need to know only. There were some things no one else really needed to know. Besides, you know as well as I do, that the more people know, the more vulnerable you become." She sighed. "Just before you promoted me to Captain, in 2399, and right after my crew and I had picked up the new Endeavour from the Antares Shipyards, we picked up an unusual anomaly that later turned out to be what we now know as the Chloran wormhole."
He nodded. "I remember the reports. I was still Starfleet Commander." Her back still to him, she nodded. "We recovered a Ferengii vessel with a stolen warp core....from the USS Helios, a ship that had gone missing without a trace 33 years earlier. They claimed they found it. They were lying. I put them in the brig and as things go, we eventually found ourselves running from a rather mismatched set of Ferengii ships. We knew with the Endeavour's new design, we could risk the safety of the wormhole. There was one problem. We didn't know where it led. No one did. It wasn't on any maps. It wasn't in any database. But, it was either enter the wormhole or fight the Ferengii. So, we entered the wormhole." She shuddered. "It was an unpleasant trip. It spit us out in the Delta Quadrant. We left the frying pan for the fire as the humans say." She paused, looked down at her hands as she continued. "We notified Starfleet of our location and adapted. Sim reports can fill in the gaps. In late summer of 2400, we encountered a hostile species - the Klael. It was around that time that we picked up there heretofore unknown object that turned out to be Cyrga. The Klael and another species, the Kanterii were vying for control of the station when we stumbled into the mix. The Klael make the Klingons look peaceful. Klingons are bound in steep traditions of a warrior's honor but the Klael have no honor. It is a concept unknown to them. They know only pain." She turned around lifted her chin slightly, almost defiantly. "As we were investigating the uninhabited space station. On SD 240007.19 under the nose of my crew, all the ships sensors, all the safety protocols of a fully equipped Starfleet ship, I was kidnapped by the Klael commander, K'Irth and taken to Cyrga. The Klael had managed to board the station and were attempting to take possession. The Kanterri wanted the station. And then, he were come into the picture." Cerywyn closed her eyes, counted to ten and tried to push the memories away, but unbidden they rose in all of their horror to remind her what was done to her. She could still hear his voice in her head.
When I am done with you, you will want nothing more than K'irth's touch?" he hissed quietly, as he shoved her across the room to the door. His eyes were not leering, but full of hate and anger. Emotions she could clearly read even had she not been an empath. For once she cursed her gift. In this moment, it only amplified the hate and rage of he captor.Her mind flew to her crew. Did they know she was missing..were they looking for would they find her. She shook her head. Such thoughts would lead her no where. She looked around the room and noticed the door on the opposite side from where she entered. As she looked at them, they hissed open. K'irth stood there, filling the doorway with his presence. He sneered at her, reached for her as she started to back away and all but drug her into the other room. When she tried to pull her arm free he struck her, his nails raking across her cheek. She winced at the sting, biting her lip. "Let me go! " she hissed thru clenched teeth. K'irth jerked her around to stand in front of him and growled low at her. "I let you go when I am done with you...if I don't like what you say..I don't let you go. You are mine.....Do you understand me...mine.!" He drug her further into the room, picked her up and placed her on what could only pass for a mismatched bio bed, with restraints. She felt the cool metal around her ankle and struggled against them but it only served to tighten them. K'irth grinned as she struggled, reaching for her arms and securing them in restraints at her side. That done, he glared at her feeble attempts to pull her wrist out. Each time she struggled she only served to have metal dig into the tender flesh of her arms and ankles. He found it amusing. He turned and headed back towards the doors, they hissed shut and the room went dark.
~~~end Flashback~~~~
Her voice had drifted to a whisper. Tears slid softly down her cheek and she swiped them away. "After locating me, on 24008.27 Captain Romyev ordered LtCmd. Temple to lead a rescue mission. He and his team managed to find me, but not in time. My body, my ...everything was broken. By this point the USS Normandy had arrived as a result of the Endeavour having unceremoniously ended up in the DQ. Once the crew had rescued me, they continued to explore the silent station. They discovered the lifeforms we now know are the Pruiians, the 8 of them. I got tired of playing games of cat and mouse with them and when I blew up one of their terminals with a phaser, they came out of hiding. They were most put out with me. I gave them a choice. They could accept Starfleet's presence, in short, me and my crew and those I approved, or I could blow the then silent station out of orbit because I most assuredly was not going to hand it over to the Klael or Kanterri. They were a bit shocked, to say the least, but I don't bluff and I don't play games. Reassured we were not going to hand the keys of the station over to either the Klael or Kanterri, the Pruiians decided it was best to be on my side. We, in turn, pledged to protect the Delta Quadrant and the secret of Cyrga from outsiders. Until a few years ago, we had done just that. I don't know how things got so neglected so....wrong. I can tell you this. I didn't know Cyrga could do what she did. I can tell you as far as e can discern she is the only one of her kind in any known region of space or subspace. Her memories are vast - what little she let me see - time, is meaningless for her. She was before us, after us, always here."

Korin remained silent during Cerywyn's more detailed explanation, tightly gripping the arm of the chair several times as he controlled his emotions. He waited, listening intently, watching carefully. When she had finished, he stood and approached her, kneeling in front of her and taking her hands into his. "So," he started, "we shall continue the role we have always been placed into...guardians and protectors. We will do what no others can. We will be what the Legion was founded upon." Then Korin smiled as only he did...dangerously.

"And the Klael and Kanterri would be wise to not underestimate us."

Cerywyn leaned forward, tilting her face in against his hand. It was a momentary lowering of her guard, just for him. She straightened, her resolve as set as his. "Indeed. We've been underestimated before. It never bodes well for the other side - but - we can't shouldn't let that make us overconfident either. We need to assess the here and now. We both have crew vacancies to fill and people to notify." She paused, her eyes went wide. "Oooh, my. I think you better join J'Radk and T'Albert. I'll join you after I take care of some things here." She looked at her watch. "Captain Konuha is due in a few minutes. I'll catch up with you all afterwards."


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