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SD 242003.XX Replacements

Posted on 04/17/2020 @ 6:11pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Space Station Cyrga, Delta Quadrant
Timeline: 242003.XX

Now that the explanations were done, Captain Konuha had just left and Cerywyn wasn't one to put things off. So, she sank down into the all too familiar chair and ran her hands across the consoles that flared to life at her touch. She smiled wryly. She tapped the console in front of her and it flared to life. There were scattered officers throughout the different habitat rings of the station - but no one that she felt was quite 'right' for the station's needs. Korin had disappeared to check on the IXL's resources and she needed to do the same from the 'Fleet perspective. She pulled up the manifests of ships assigned in this area. She wasn't above reassigning people based on who was needed where. She spotted a name that had been flagged by Fleet Command, Commander J'Tagh Yeserina of House Malok. The young woman was a Klingon/Betazoid hybrid with a stellar reputation in Engineering. She was supposedly enroute to the USS Shanghai but with a few strokes across the key pad, the (f) Admiral had the woman reassigned - new destination, Cyrga. Cyrga's origins were known by very few and it was important for the safety of the Delta Quadrant and others, that it remain that way. A sentient life form deserved respect and as the host, the people who called her bowers their home, had to give it, no matter. Starfleet had not been told all the details of Cyrga's in's and out's - those details were classified and every SF Commander since Korin had to give an inviolate oath not to intefere in the course of events. It was, in some ways, akin to a prime directive - the only difference is that Cyrga found them, rather than Starfleet finding it. In her mind, humanoid life forms are children vying for equal time, their fair share, some prize to be won. Cerywyn knew that the station needed a chief engineering officer that could also give the station the respect it demanded and the care and attention it needed. She also needed someone that would not be frightened of the tiny guardians, the Pruiians, as they went about their daily tasks caring for the needs of the giant behemoth of a station. The Pruiian's for the most part handled the bioorganic pathways of Cyrga as only they could. The CEO would be responsible for all the non-organic components and on a station this size, there was alot that was not-organic. That isn't to say that the CEO wouldn't have to deal with the bio-organics, but that there was far less of that than most people realized. One doesn't go playing the nervous system just because. The computer signaled that the orders had been sent and received. Now, it was just a matter of waiting for transport vessel to arrive.

A little while later, her station terminal beeped a notificaiton warning that she was receiving an incoming transmission from Commander Yeserina. Cerywyn turned to the viewing screen and tapped to open the communique. The SF emblem wavered and dissolved. Cerywyn only had a moment to consider her own appearance thankful that she'd had the good sense to pull her hair back with a silver clasp. Beyond that, the woman's appearance and reputation was well established. She rarely wore the traditional fleet uniform - choosing instead to wear a flowing tunic and leggings. Both were infinitely more comfortable and suitable to her frame. Her comm badge and rank insignia were the only 'give aways'. When the screen stabilized, Cerywyn inclined her head towards the screen. "Good evening, Commander. I take it you received your new orders."

Looking somewhat disheveled, "Yes Admiral but.......", J'Tagh stopped short. "I was supposed to be reporting to the Shanghai....I'm at a loss for words as to why I have been reassigned. Does Starfleet think I am not fit to serve on her?", she asked the Admiral looking at the screen.

Cerywyn shook her head. "Actually, no. I can't go into details with this transmission, but you're being assigned to Space Station Cyrga, in the Delta Quadrant. You'll report to me and my command team. You'll be taking on the role of Chief Engineer." Cerywyn tapped her console and then looked back at the young woman. "I see you're already enroute to the Shanghai, traversing along an intercept course. Seeing as you're in the Beta Quadrant, you'll need to have your transport alter course for these coordinates. This will take you to the opening of the Chloran wormhole which exits in the Delta Quadrant." She frowned slightly. "You'll be in for a bumpy ride. That wormhole isn't pleasant on a good day. Once you exit the wormhole you'll lay in a course for Space Station Cyrga. Be advised that things in this quadrant are far from stable."

"Understood Admiral. And I know of the unrest in the Delta Quad. I have both sets of coordinates and have given them to the shuttle pilot. We will be docking in three hours barring any problems", J'Tagh said. "Until then Admiral have a pleasant day. J'Tag out", she said closing the computer. 'Now I wonder why they need me? Specifically asking for me makes me wonder what did Ido to get assigned to a station!' she thought.

"Helm, new coordinates have been sent to your control board. Change course immediately and don't spare the horses. Not fond of wormholes....too damn bumpy!", she said getting some Gagh and bloodwine.


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