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Family Reunion

Posted on 03/30/2020 @ 8:06am by Captain J'Radk & Commander Beldin

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: USS Whitestar (Orbiting Cygra)|Arriving Unknown Vessel
Timeline: SD 242003.30

+COMM+ “When I have a clearer picture, I’ll let you know. Korin out.”

T’Albert rolled his eyes as the comm-channel close. “Well, that was helpful,” J’Radk said sarcastically from the secondary TACTICAL console. “Wasn’t it,” added T’Albert looking back up to the image of a man on the main viewer. “Sorry Colonel Boyington. The Admiral is otherwise occupied on that station.” ++COMM++Boyington, the man on the viewer, scratched the back of his head and nodded, “Sounds about right.”++COMM++

Beldin started for the turbolift. “I’ll beam over,” he called out. “Is that wise?” asked J’Radk. “If there’s anyone who can and should, other than Korin, it’s me,” grinned the changling as the lift doors closed.

“Anything we can help you with, Colonel?” asked T’Albert. ++COMM++ “That’s what Legacy was going asked you,” replied Boyington. ++COMM++ A confused expression grew on both T’Albert and J’Radk faces.

A few minutes later.

Beldin materialized onto a transporter pad very similar to that of the old Magellan-class Whitestar. The Transporter Operator wore an identical black IXL uniform, “Welcome back, Commander.” Beldin smiled, “Permission to come aboard.” “Permission granted,” replied a voice other than the Operator. It was a youthful, feminine voice, “Welcome back…Father.” Beldin stepped off the platform to the control console, gently patting the console, “Hello, Legacy. How have they been treating you?” “The crew and I are well,” Legacy replied from the air. “Colonel Boyington is awaiting you in his Ready Room.” She paused, “You do remember the way? I know how those aging years can be problematic to the memory.” Beldin almost burst out in laughter, “You’ve developed a bit of humor, I see. Boyington and his bunch have been bad influence.” “I am my father’s child,” Legacy added.


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