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Getting reacquainted

Posted on 04/17/2020 @ 6:09pm by Fleet Admiral Cerywyn & Captain Hailey Konuha

Mission: Course Interupted - Destination Cyrga
Location: Fleet Admiral Cerywyn's Office / Quarters Space Station Cyrga
Timeline: SD 242003.28

Korin had just left to go check on the information he'd received from his Legion ships. There had to be a mistake he'd muttered to himself as he explained the report he'd gotten from J'Radk and T'Albert before he'd left Cerywyn to start the arduous process of picking a crew compliment for the station. She'd given him alot to think about - of that she was certain. She sighed. {{Oh well. Couldn't be helped.}} She had just a few minutes to freshen the teapot and reset the tray with fruit and cheese before her door chime sounded. A cursory mental glance confirmed that it was Captain Konuha. "Enter" Cerywyn called out as she stepped out from behind her desk and headed to the anteroom. In uncharacteristic fashion, Cerywyn set aside decorum and gently hugged the Captain. "It's good to see you up and about." She motioned to the empty chair while she herself curled up on the chaise. She leaned forward and poured them both a steaming mug of hot tea. "Take this" she said handing the cup to Hailey. "It's one of my favorites - orange spice with cream". She leaned back and sipped her mug. "How are you, really?"

Hailey was taken aback at the uncharacteristic hug from Cerywyn. But just a moment into it, she relaxed and hugged back. It felt like a warm blanket on a cold day. Her tenseness melted from her. Hailey sat where the Admiral instructed and accept the proffered cup of hot tea. She inhaled the aroma as she lifted it to her lips. The orange was strong with a hint of the spice as an after thought. Taking a sip, the liquid warmed her insides until it made a splash in her stomach and radiated the warm throughout her torso. She looked at Cerywyn for a moment before answering her question. This woman was her friend, indeed. But much more than that, she was her mentor. Just the sight of her in top form gave Hailey a moment of pause to thank God she was alright. "I'm still assessing that .. to be perfectly honest, Admiral. Physically I'm OK .. a little stiff perhaps but alright otherwise. It's a little hard walking at my normal gait, but I'm managing." Hailey paused and took another sip of her beverage. She drew in a deep breath and continued, "mentally .... I think that's another matter. I am troubling wrapping my brains around how we even got here. We *should* be dead! I...". Hailey trailed off not really knowing what else was pertinent to say. She looked at the Admiral quizzically hoping for the pieces of the puzzle to be given by her.

Cerywyn nodded. "I know the feeling" she didn't quite frown as she said it. "It's funny, but, I think we all went into that moment 18 months ago, with a bit a fatalism in mind. None of us expected to live through it. We knew the risk and accepted the risk." She paused for a moment. "That might be the answer as to why we didn't." She looked into her cup, her face thoughtful for a moment. "Think about all the crews that boarded our ships and did so knowing there were no guarantees. Worst case scenario, we die. All we could hope for was a backward move in time, not knowing where we'd be spit out. I think the universe didn't like our odds." She leaned forward and topped off her tea. "We know so little about Cyrga, herself. I can't fathom how she was able to do what she did. When I try to think about it, I find a swirling mass of time and thoughts that leaves my head spinning. So, I asked myself if I had to understand all the reasons why or if it was more important to not ...what is the humans say 'look a gift horse in the mouth.' We were given this chance and apparently we're needed here and now. So here and now, is where we are."

Hailey contemplated the notion of that theory. Her eyes had seen some pretty amazing things during her tenure in Starfleet. Things that her mind still couldn't quite make sense of after all these years. One of those anomalies was sitting in front of her drinking tea. Cerywyn, to Hailey, was a mentor, friend, Commanding Officer .... and an enigma. Over the years together, their bond had galvanized into something unbreakable - even across time it would seem. Hailey had long ago stopped trying to "figure" Cerywyn out. It was pointless since she could - if desired - read every thought in Hailey's head. Cerywyn had developed Hailey's own psy-ability to what it was today. That being said it was like a small pebble in Cerywyn's vast mountain of ability.

"Admiral, ", she started not looking up from her cup. " .. Cyrga wouldn't have done what she did unless she deemed it of the upmost importance." She paused for a moment. Looking up she locked eyes with her friend anf cocked her head quizzically. "Right? I mean ... Cyrga is smarter than just randomly messing with the time stream. There has to be a motive behind it." She drew in a breath and got a little excited as if she discovered a clue to buried treasure. She sat up on the edge of her seat and leaned into Cerywyn. "And why us? Why THIS crew? If we look at it from that angle, maybe we can determine what we are doing here .. besides the need to get her back into fighting shape that is."

Cerywyn nodded. "Yes, I think there's a reason...." she spread her hands, flexing her fingers a bit. "But, we can't look at every angle without a full crew compliment and alot of data - both of which are on short supply. Korin 'Sa and his people are going to do some intelligence/data collecting while you and I work on refilling the station's crew compliment." She stood up and walked to her desk. She grabbed the two files and headed back to her seat. "Two of which we can look at now. LtCmdr J'Tagh as the new CEO and Lt. Senn Joss as CSEC. LtCmdr J'Tagh is a Betazoid/Klingon but her record is good. She works hard. Lt. Senn Joss, is a bit harder to fathom and he'll be a difficult pill for people to swallow." But, in these moments, I've learned that the unexpected sometimes works out. Her attention turned briefly to the Hirogen, Koer who had once served as CEO on the Endeavour when it was under her command. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Lt. Senn Joss is Breen, but his record is stellar enough in Starfleet that he's guarded some pretty high ranking officials in a short amount of time. I think we're going to need the unexpected on our side out here. Unless you have any strenuous objections, I plan on notifying them today and redirecting them here. I'd also like for you to go back through your contacts and see if you can think of anyone that would be a good fit -let's get them here. The sooner we have a crew compliment we can trust, the more quickly we can gather information." She poured her self somemore tea and leaned back in the chair. "Korin's full compliment of Legion ships is here but only a handful of Fleet ships. I've notified Starfleet and after a few sputtering curses and a lot of 'you're the damned luckiest....' they would have given me the keys to the kingdom" she said with a smirk. "Anyway, for the moment, the Legion will handle border defense and intelligence gathering. We've got everything else and until we get a full crew compliment, we're going to be working some long shifts as soon as you're up for it. Questions?"

Hailey eyes darkened for a moment. Questions? Hell yes, she had questions. She turned her emotions inward to focus on the request presented by the Admiral. "I'll see what stones I can turn over and dig up. It's been a few months from my reckoning, but there should be people we can use. I guess my only real questions is - what's our priority list? Station Defense or Operations? If I know that I'll know how to proceed."

Cerywyn leaned forward and put her teacup down. She reached forward and put her hand on Hailey's. "I know this is difficult. It is equally so for me, but I can't give in to that feeling because it would make me vulnerable. I need you to do the same thing. What's happened, happened. We were there. Now, we're here. We move forward from here and we're better for our experiences there." She leaned back. "Well, it's rather hard to defend a station without people to operate the station. We have the Legion to help with defenses in the short term, so let's shore up Operations first. People may have to pull double duty for a bit. If they can't do that, we can find something for them clean with a toothbrush. Speaking of double duty - I've assumed you would agree to be my XO, but I haven't asked. It comes with the added task of overseeing Strategic Operations. I've had a separate Strat Ops person before, but I find that sometimes that doesn't work. XO's need a solid task and combining the two I think will work for now. That ok with you?"

Hailey nodded. "Of course, Admiral. I have been and always shall be yours." Hailey squeezed Cerywyn's hand and then stood to her feet. "I assume Ops is where I left it. Rubric "suggested" my quarters were the "same yet different". I haven't the vaguest idea what that means but I'm sure everything will be made clear." Hailey turned and took a few steps towards the door. She drew in a deep breath and turned her head back to the sitting Admiral. "We'll get this ... we always have. It wasn't always the prettiest or most elegant outcome. But we've always made it .. haven't we ... "Mom"." Hailey quickly strode out the door in route to the CinC Center. A wave of warm feelings washed over her as a tear ran down her cheek. She was...home.

Cerywyn watched her leave and then looked down at her chrono. Time was fleeting and she had work to do, people to contact and an inconceivable meeting in front of her. Korin had by now, she thought, had firmly been left speechless if her hunch was right. She had to see that for herself, but first, assignments to be made - no time like the present to contact peole and reassign them.


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